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If you don't diligently guide your affection, it can affect your emotions, and uncontrollable emotions can scatter your destination

Take not of your affection, emotions for the sake of your destination

You can't marry your desire, you can only marry God's desire for your life, and you will have to admire what God desire for you as your desire

Giving God term and conditions in choosing who to marry is a signal to marry like what will affect the future

Only God give men what will help men,when you describe the kind of husband you want for God, the kind of stomach, kind of head, kind of nose, kind of leg

Devil can always bring such person to you without any problem

What God gives men is what pleases God, not your description
Singlelity is better than marital disaster

If you can't communicate with divinity, don't bother to initiate humanity in the matter of your eternity

Destiny is sensitive, don't joke with it because it's your eternity
Bro, If what you love in that sister is her shape, her front look and her whatever

It's better you go straight into the house of an harlot and die at once and go straight hell

Don't Marry your Lust
Marry your purpose
Will you marry is a question only reasonable people can give answers to

Many who has responded "YES" I will marry you without knowledge are in the street today because as short as the word "NO" is, they now lack the strength, the ability to pronounce that small word

That exam is woman not a girl😊😊😊😊
Anty, don't say yes to that confuse brother because you are getting old

To die in Christ is better than to die in marital disaster

If God does not give you a husband, don't give yourself one

Men who chose for themselves are men who are confused
No man truly walk 👫with God and marry wrong

When you truly have intimacy with the Holy Ghost, He's too jealous to allow you marry a stranger

What he does is to bring your way, another familiar entity who has a secret place with the spirit of the Lord
What you marry in a man determines your destination at the end of that initiation called marriage

Those who marry currency are now at the backside of purpose because they are Void of understanding

What to marry in marriage is purpose not perishable materials

What do you want to marry??😊😊😊
I do hear, when you are dark in complexion, don't marry another dark lady, but a yellow lady.

Who is that confuse lecturer that publish this heresy?

Marry you partner means marry a man who has purpose that entails your purpose

Lust is blind, confused marriage will open your eyes

Love is God, when you have him, you will choose with open eyes

If you want to marry right, love God
I pens down this hour
You will never regret marrying that partner in Jesus name


Please hear God before you say Yes or ask her out

Good morning all


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