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Your attitude should be like that of Christ Jesus, who, being by nature God, did not consider being equal to God as something to cling to. [...] And when he manifested himself as a man, he humbled himself and became obedient to death, and death on a cross! Philippians 2: 5-6,8.


When we face a "so says the Lord" and we are not able to obey it, we usually stop at excuses like those given by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, after having sinned. «At that moment they opened their eyes, and became aware of their nakedness. Therefore, they wove together fig leaves to cover themselves "(Gen. 3: 7). Adam blamed his disobedience on Eve, who had pushed him, and she blamed the snake, because he had deceived her. The result of that wrong behavior had eternal consequences, which still reach those who live in this era.

Accounts sometimes when the Lord calls us to a mission we always make an excuse, pretexts for not meeting the commission: I can not speak well, I do not have the resources, I do not have the skills, I can not, I am very young, my past, etc. And we begin to limit God to our humanity. As if the purposes and eternal plans of God depended on us. Many of these excuses are no more than lies of the enemy implanted in our minds and on other occasions because we do not know the God who is not calling to that mission; Let's see some examples of people who made excuses for God's call.


Abraham was an old man, Jacob was insecure, Leah had no attraction, Joseph was abused by his brothers, Moses was a stutterer, Gideon was very poor, Samson was a codependent mandilon, Rahab was immoral, David had a mistress and an infinity of family problems , Jeremias was depressed, Jonah was disobedient and rebellious, Naomi was a widow, John the Baptist was half crazy, Pedro was visceral and impulsive, Marta cared about everything, the Samaritan woman failed in several marriages, Zacarias was extremely unpopular, Thomas doubted Christ Pablo was in poor health, Timothy was very shy.

But God does not call the perfect to serve but perfects those called to serve Him. It is not healthy to sit and wait for Heaven, we must go out, change, become worthy even if we do not deserve it.

Facing the discomfort that change implies is difficult for our brain. Therefore, we continually postpone situations with quite "rational" excuses convincing ourselves that this is not the best time to take action.

The excuse is not wisdom or love, it is irresponsibility, deceit, pride and rebellion.

To blindly obey God without making excuses or excuses is the best safeguard to enjoy a full life. Your requirements have as one sole objective and reason to be our welfare, protection and happiness. On the contrary, openly disobeying the commandments of God seeking to justify our erroneous behavior is equivalent to walking without direction in this life.

I have heard many Christians say against God's requirements: "What's wrong with doing this or that?" Or "That does not convince me!" When we act like this we question the wisdom of God, and this makes us immensely vulnerable to sin.
Friend, we all have hundreds of reasons why we should obey God. The Bible contains inspiring accounts of men and women who, without any excuses, were willing to do the will of their Lord, and all of them are in the gallery of illustrious men and women; and not only that, but they are also assured of their citizenship in the heavenly homeland.

Who am I? When we look inside ourselves we see weaknesses, defects and we ask ourselves: Who am I to be used by God ?, but it does not depend on who I am but who He is (Exodus 3:14). And God answered Moses: I AM I AM, and said: Thus shall you say to the sons of Israel: I AM sent me to you.)

What did you avoid? What was it that prevented you from fulfilling? Why did not you talk, or did you come?

Excuses serve as expired licenses that rationally justify irrational thoughts that only sabotage personal success at any level that happens. Sometimes the excuses can be so sophisticated that the reasons that justify stopping acting and not fulfilling seem to be legitimate.

In fact, excuses are pretexts that impede personal development and hurt relationships. Justifications minimize responsibility and perpetuate the fear of failure, rejection and above all are the most important cause to limit success and mental health.

Although the excuses can initially dilute the discomfort and disguise the fear, these eventually end up creating feelings of guilt and lower self-esteem. Thus, problems are created greater than those initially experienced.

Every excuse we give to God reveals how hard our heart is and how far our love for him goes.

Every time we make excuses to God, his blessings move away from our lives.

Let us no longer make excuses and resent the call and purpose of God; since in the meantime souls are still lost, families continue to be destroyed, and one day we will give an account.

The next time you feel tempted to question the divine mandates, or that it costs you to obey the principles of God by faith, lift your eyes to heaven and say with the simplicity and humility of a child: "Lord, what do you want? to do?". This submissive attitude is the response of a grateful heart for all the mercies you have received from the hand of your Lord.



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