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The greatest battles of man are the battles of the mind; the battle of choices and decisions. This makes an unstable heart and mind, a time-bomb waiting to explode. In the same way nature abhors vacuum, the devil as well as foolishness takes advantage of any directionless, confused and purposeless heart and mind. If you do not determine for yourself the things to say and do, the devil and his crew will help you make the decisions and it will always land you in a place of weeping.

Consider at empty room where no good thing is being kept inside, you discover that all manner of insects and dirts will be found in such a house. Similarly, a heart not furnished with good ideas, vision and goals will turn out to be an incubating ground for all sorts of unthinkable and God-awful things. There is a common saying that an idle man is the devil's workshop. The devil can never have entrance into a purposeful and determined heart but will only penetrate an empty mind and heart. You can do many great and powerful things with your life if only you set your heart right.


Developing a vision is one of the ways to making your life meaningful. Vision is simply the ability to see your tomorrow today. It is the ability to see your future from where you stand today. Irrespective of what your life may look like today, regardless of the pain, heartaches and failures, you should be able to catch a glimpse of what tomorrow holds for you. See yourself beyond the now!


There are quite a number of ways to catch a vision but a few will be discussed here;

DIVINE LITERAL PRESENTATION: It has to do with God showing one something physical and then explaining it and saying volumes about the thing to you. All that concerns this kind of experience is physical except for the still voice you are going to hear deep down your spirit explaining and revealing things to you. People have seen suffering people or set of people around them and then got a push to take care of them all the days of their lives. Some in the same vein have read about or heard of a particular country or place and then had a leading from the Lord to move over there and establish something could be a ministry. The foundation here is the fact that there is usually a physical encounter with something or somebody from which a vision emanates.

There exists several visions of God through the things that surrounds us but it can only take the grace of God for us to catch this visions and start something tangible and life-changing. Pray constantly for that grace to be yours.

THE DREAM TYPE OF VISION: Dreams are of various kinds as we all know. We have those that result from sleeping at night or day and we also have those that emanates from one have a deep thought about a thing before going to bed. Albeit, God still chooses to reach out to people and communicate with people through dreams for different purposes and reasons.

Job 33:14-18 - For God speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon man, in slumberings upon the bed, then He openeth the ears of men and sealeth their instructions...

It is clear from the above passage that sleep dreams are means through which God warns people, who for some reasons refused to pay attention to a previous instruction. But there is yet another type of dream shown in the Bible and was depicted in the life of Joseph.

And Joseph dreamed a dream....

Joseph did not have to sleep or take a nap to have this dream. He only sat down one day and allowed his thoughts and imaginations to go on a walk into the future. He saw himself some years to come and imagined what he would love to become his outcome. He painted a desirable image of his future; he saw himself being a blessing to his family.

There are certain things that will not be ours except we think it. Do not forget that as a man thinks in his heart so will he become. We are all a product of what we constantly think about. So, you decide what you want to become and the starting point happens to be your thoughts. Joseph knew this which led to him exercising his mind and it actually worked for him. The transport means between your now and then is your imagination, so once in a while, sit down and envisage the outcome of your life in the years to come. Having had these imaginations, ensure to take action steps towards achieving it, because it is never enough to just think. You have to make it happen.

Next is what I call the HABAKKUK VISION. This type of vision comes as a result of waiting upon the Lord and standing on your watch (prayers). It comes through a spiritual encounter with God, which is usually geared by prayers and communion with God. God can make you travel billions of miles into your future on your knees. I enjoin us to devote our lives to prayers and communion to God, if our eyes must be opened to see the future as well as receive and catch visions.

Like earlier stated, it is never enough to just catch the vision, write it down plainly and work it out through the help from God. Your visions will be so useless if you do not bring it to materialization. I pray God grants us His grace daily. Amen


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