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Greetings fellow labourers in the Lord's vineyard. It is with much joy and zeal I write this to us all. I hope I can be forgiven for my little absence these few days; a lot has been going on down here but I'm glad to be back on track. God bless you.

It's been quite a number of days the table of things turned in the Steemchurch International Ministry and I have been wanting to pen down a few things but I decided to watch and wait a little while. My waiting and watching has made me discover that of a truth, we are truly children of God in this great ministry. I have also come to see that truly, we all have the same target and a common goal which we will reach - definitely. But I will plead that we show utmost commitment and zeal to the task ahead of us because sincerely speaking, it is great. So, if we must accomplish it, then all hands must be on deck. Also to note is that this transition is coming to bring better things to us.

Let me start by commending our Great Knight for his wisdom and legendary strategies; God bless you SirK! To our newly appointed leader, Apostle Darlenys @darlenys01, I have always known you to be one with great and extraordinary visions. This I could see in your works and projects, which are all life-changing and impactful. I am fully certain that you will lead this ministry to greater heights and achievements. Congratulations once again on your appointment; it is a divine mandate.

(More so, I feel we should create an occasion to formally receive and welcome our new Leader - Reception Ceremony of Lady Darlenys as the New leader of the Steemchurch International Ministry.)

Why and How God Calls Us to Lead

Friends, leadership is God's very own idea. HE is not just the Ultimate Leader but He has called us also to take up the mandate of leadership at every level and sphere of life. We get to see and know this when we study the Bible closely. Over the years, some Christians have actually argued and debated the subject of leadership, whether it is biblical to lead or not. Some say we were called to be followers and servants, instead of leaders or rulers. This has forced me to question; Can we boldly and honestly say that it is biblical for us to LEAD? I am sure your answer will be same as mine - Yes! It is biblical for us to lead.

Consider this verse of the scripture, Genesis 1:26: "Let us make man in our image... and let him RULE". The first description in the scriptures with respect to mankind involved leadership. This shows that God designed us to lead, have authority as well as take dominion. You and I were born to lead - Start leading. Let your life guide others.

Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals,[a] and over all the creatures that move along the ground.” - Genesis 1:26


Born To Lead
First thing we should note from the above scripture is that being made in the likeness of GOD means we were created to lead. Part of what it means to be like God is knowing we were fashioned to rule and lead.

God gave humans Authority over the whole earth. We should be comfortable with only two positions. The first position is being under God's authority and rulership. The second is being in authority over the world. It becomes very wrong when we are being ruled by the things of world. God has given to us this calling and it is left for us to discover what it means to lead like God does.

If God told us to lead, then we must have the Ability to do it. God is never like man, He never commands us to do anything without enabling us and giving us what it takes to get it done. You and I have the ability to lead reason being that God created us and commanded us to do so. So, based on your gifts and personality, you have the ability to lead in some area. Discover that area and start leading.

You do not have to be the president or governor before you lead. Lead wherever you happen to find yourself and then a bigger stage will come subsequently. I pray God will help us to discover ourselves so we can start manifesting God's purpose for our lives. God bless you.

I believe that with the great leadership structure of the Steemchurch International Ministry, the sky will be our starting point. I encourage everyone to participate, contribute and support the Church for it to reach its full potentials. Remember, a tree cannot make a forest.

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In the words of Aristotle, always remember that 'The Telos of an Acorn is to become an Oak Tree'. In the same vein, the ultimate purpose of TELOS is present and give a better Blockchain. Be a part of the blockchain!!!!! Here is the registration link once again; (Tomlee.jc as referrer)



Very good message @liltom002 you are a very talented young man, work and wait for your time that God has great things for you, thank you for the welcome and I know that I count on you to achieve the maximum objective of the church...

Patiently waiting for that time my Leader cause it will certainly come. My gifts and talents are from God and I will constantly use it to edify the body of Christ. My support is always with you so wherever you lead, we will follow.

God as called us all to be leaders and the call is a call to service. He has also given us everything we need to do the great work He has committed to us.
Thank you bro Tom for this great post.


Yeah. He has given to us everything we need to lead. We need to first discover and then utilize it. Thanks FF

God has given us everything we need to be able to sever and be a leader.

Great post brother

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