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No one ever goes to the market and return without something good and valuable. There is always something to go back home with after taking a walk to the market. Many reasons could actually prompt one to go to the market; could be the lack of certain needful stuffs or simply to keep the storehouse always filled such that one will never be found wanting at any given point in time.

The question now comes: Are you in possession of the blessed Beatitude HEARTS? Is what you have enough to bless someone else? If your answers are no, then you certainly do need to visit the The Telos Village markets. Remember the time is now!!!

You may not use or need HEARTs, TLOS or ACORNS right now but truth is; these futuristic tokens might be quite useful in the near future and you might be found wanting then, if you didn't ensure that your storehouse was always filled with these blessings of HEARTs and TLOS. You never can tell the number of persons that your HEARTs and TLOS will bless and affect positively in the days, months and years to come. Gather as many as you can while you still have the chance. A word they say is enough for the wise.

The Telos Village Markets is live and always open for trading. Visit anytime and any day to acquire your blessings. Now is the time to get blessed!!

Simply send 2 TLOS/ACORNS and receive one HEART in return. For other coins, you can always visit us on Telegram for negotiations.

The images in this post were all being imagined and put together by our very own Goldsmith @edxserverus for the Marketplace promotion. The markets really do appreciate your hardwork and creativity brother. More grease to your elbow. Feel free to use images to promote our marketplace. Remember to VOTE YES on his Proposal on Telos.


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Thanks @ liltom002, for this contribution the markets will expand and grow without measure for the benefit of humanity. God always in control, remember that we are beginning the transition that will take us to the other side, we have to cross the Jordan, the world will appreciate it.