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The heart of many has become dry land. Sometimes, it is difficult to preach faith to the hearts of people whose hearts have been broken, disappointed, because they are not in the right condition to receive the word of God with faith. Some wonder, why are we as we are, if there are so many Christian media, putting the responsibility on the church, instead of questioning the ground where the Word is falling. It may be that the Word has not found a place in the hearts of the people, of society. We see this reflected in the parable of the sower, where the person responsible for the result of the seed was not the sower, but the condition of the land.


To reach what God is waiting for you, it is necessary to remove that earth from the heart and begin to water your earth, your mind, your spirit, with faith, and unstoppable faith, faith that does not stop you, so that you believe until the end.

When an airplane is in the takeoff process, it reaches a point that is known as the point of no return. At this point, the plane takes off, or takes off. Everything must be done to promote it. In the same way, there is a point in your life where only your faith will take you to that new dimension.

In your life, there must be a time when there is no turning back: Either you take off, or you take off. A moment where you decide to really live by faith, to base your life on faith. You have to work with your heart, to make it the right terrain and, when the word of God falls, give the favorable result for your life.

In Hebrews 11, the word of the Lord defines faith. Faith is the certainty, or the evidence, of what is expected. If you do not have faith, you may be willing to achieve something, but you do not have the certainty that you will reach it. Faith is also the conviction of what is not seen; It is what convinces your mind. Your mind must not be convinced by the world; It is not the circumstances, the difficulties, that determine your life, but your faith is your conviction. You must be convinced of what you do not see. By faith we achieve things for God; This is what we see in Hebrews 11. Faith is not irrational, but it allows us to understand. People think that faith is something that has nothing to do with the mind, when in fact, faith makes you understand that the world was constituted by God. Faith touches all your senses, including your thoughts.

There are people who think that faith is something of a moment. They are waiting for a moment of faith, but faith is not something that is lived only in a moment. There is a time when you have faith, a moment when your faith is activated, but faith is not a moment, but a whole life, an entire experience. That is why the Bible says, in chapter 2 of the book of Habakkuk, that the just shall live by faith.

In Romans 1, he says that the gospel is revealed by faith and for faith. By faith, you receive the revelation. It takes faith to receive it; and the reason why God gives you that revelation by faith, is for you to have faith, because the righteous, because of their faith, will live.

Faith is not a thing of Sundays. It's for when you get up in the morning, when you go to bed at night, when you go to work. Every time you ride in your car, you have to have faith that you will not be hit, but that you will arrive safely at your job. You have to have faith that you will have work when you arrive. You have to have faith that you will not have problems and, if you have them, you have to have faith that God will give you the victory. You must have faith in leaving your children in school, believing that they are an inheritance from God, and that God will take care of them. You have to have faith in sending your children to college, believing that the seed that you have planted in their hearts will germinate and that the world will not contaminate them. You have to have faith to marry, and you have to have faith to stay married for a lifetime.

If you are a believer, your whole life is based on what you believe and not on what you see. There is no other way of living that is not by faith.

If you have an appointment in the agenda, or planned your vacation, you have faith that you will reach that moment and that place. Now imagine that faith you will use it consciously, with intention. Your life would be one out of bounds; They could not stop you.

The essence of the believer is faith. You are a believer. You have faith. Your whole life is based on faith. The things of God, all, are by faith. Ephesians 2: 8 says we are saved by faith. Romans 4:17 says that we are justified by faith. Ephesians 3:12 says that we have access to God by faith. John 6:47 says that eternal life is received by faith. Hebrews 11: 6 says that the only way to please God is by faith. Romans 5: 2 says we have access to the grace of God by faith. Galatians 3:14 says that we receive the Holy Spirit by faith. It's the only way. There is no such thing as saying that you are a Christian and have no faith. But we take it for granted, we do not use it consciously, we do not activate it.

Some people think that this of the church is antiquated, but Hebrews 11 presents us men and women at different times. Adam did not live in Abraham's time, for example. But, as for both, the difference in their lives was made by faith. The same with everyone else. Because faith does not go out of style; It is necessary in each culture, in each era, in each time, in each moment. And these men and women had to use their faith to overcome the greatest challenges.

Maybe you do not have to defeat a Goliath or walk through a desert and ask God for water or face - like Moses - a whole government that enslaves you, but you face problems at home, at work, in your finances; And the answer of Abel, of Abraham, of Moses, of Raab, is the same for you today: Without faith it is impossible to please God. Hold on to faith. Have an unstoppable faith.

Lord, cleanse my heart (Lk 5,12-16)

January 11, 2019/0 Comments / in In the light of the word, Gospel, Christmas, New Testament, Pray with the Bible, Pray in Times Like that leper, I also want to tell the Lord Jesus to cleanse my heart because sometimes I harbor feelings that are not good, that I do not like. Instead of loving, distrust. Instead of loving, reproach. Instead of loving, justify. Instead of loving, he accuses.

Sir, I also want to cleanse myself. Clean me up

If you or someone you know is experiencing grief and loss, perhaps this song can help. This moving expression of grief towards God is astoundingly honest, a faithful outpouring of emotion with an underpinning of Biblical truth. We can learn to rely on God even through the seriously tough times. Remember that God hears your cries, understands your pain, and is there to comfort and console you. May this song give you a way to help voice the deepest hurts to our heavenly Father. My prayer for you is that I will bring you hope and healing in every way. Know that God is there for you, and even named His Holy Spirit the 'Comforter' so you could always go to Him as a child goes to their Daddy when they are hurt. He is always available to comfort the cries of His children.


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Beautiful reflection inspiration @darlenys01.

Beautiful publication, God knows the desire of our heart, he knows our whole being.

Living by faith is not easy, when we get used to achieving our goal by our own efforts, but God takes us to a point where you must understand that he has control of everything and is willing to help you.

Thanks for sharing.

God is the repairer of every damaged parts of our whole system, especially with our total being, he cleanse it and make it Holy for his work. Thank you Apostle Darlenys for this great message for our souls.

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What a beautiful @darlenys01, it is true that God has to clean this land to give the fruits.

A beautiful reflection for a Sunday, faith and heart.