Castle, Knight and Eternal Rock

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In these last days, I have had many dreams with castles, and in my moment of prayer many scenes came to my mind.

I started looking at the castles in the biblical context and what God wanted to speak to me for this time. The Hebrew word bi · ráh, translated "castle" or "fortified place", only appears in the books of Daniel, Esther, Chronicles and Nehemiah, ending between 536 and some time after 443 a. E.C., once the Babylonian exile ended. (1Ch 29: 1, note; 2Ch 17:12; Est 1: 2, note.).

I remember that a few days ago I said that @sirknight was like Nehemias, a lifes rebuilder. So it was very easy to make an analysis about what the castles mean, us and God. Nehemiah built a castle, where there were only ruins.

Actually what @SteemChurch means and the impact it will have on the world, we all have to visualize it with our spiritual eyes.

It is written in Psalm 133:

It's like good oil on the head,
Which descends on the beard,
The beard of Aaron,
And he goes down to the edge of his garments;

Moses used an expensive oil to anoint Aaron as the first high priest of Israel (Exodus 29: 7) and to dedicate all priests to the service of God. David used the example known to represent the unity of the brotherhood, like the anointing oil, shows our dedication to serve God with all our heart and causes blessing, like the dew that descends on the face of the earth .

In this figure, the anointing oil and the dew, we discover an action of "descending". This harmony, this blessing descends from God and affects the whole body, all the people and each person in particular, the result is that the unity blessed by God bears fruit in good works.

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In our most difficult moments, we can contemplate what the disciples of Christ saw on the Cross. They saw the Son of God slaughtered. To Holiness, murdered. To Innocence, pierced. Mothers cried ... evil laughed.
And the apostles asked themselves perplexed, "When all good things fall apart, what can good people do?
Psalm 91 answers this question with a statement. "I say to the Lord: You are my hope, my castle, the God I trust." And, today, we must remember that God is still our hope and our castle. That He is still in His Temple, on His throne, and is still in control of everything.

And he still makes prisoners princes, counselors of captives, and Sundays after Friday. What he did back then, he still does today. It's up to us to ask him to do it.

Whenever we meet @sc-v the sister @lorennys delights us with a song that is entitled: "May this house be full of your glory", that's what our lord wants all of us who represent his temple to be full of that glory of his presence that "Shekinà" that transforms our being, men and women capable of believing him until the last consequences.

Today is a good time to say to the Father: "This house that is me, all be full"

@Sirknight represents a noble knight that God has chosen in these times of crisis, the castle means that God is with him for the protection of a people, Coincidences? I do not think so. With God there are no coincidences. God, your guardian, protects you. "Under His wings you will be safe."

Commentator F. Meyer says that there are four types of calls the hen makes to his chicks: The llama (1) When it is already getting dark, (2) When danger lurks. (3) When he has found food, and (4), simply when he wants to be close to his chicks.
Jesus appropriated this image of the hen, when he said in Luke 13:34, "Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you kill the prophets and you stone those who are sent to you! How many times I wanted to gather your children, as the chicken gathers its chicks under its wings, but you did not want to! "
Jesus would have saved and protected Jerusalem and its inhabitants, but the people did not want to. They did not want to go to Him. They did not want to dwell in the shelter of the Most High nor to take refuge in the shadow of the Almighty. "Instead, they shouted:" Crucify Him! Crucify him! "
Our Lord wants to reunite us under His wings, because He sees the darkness that is coming ... He sees the danger that lurks ... He also has food for us ... HIS WORD, and above all, He wants to be with us.

Max Lucado says: If God had a calendar, your saint would be marked on it. If God drove a car, your name would be on the car's bumper. If there is a tree in the sky, He will have inscribed your name on the trunk.
And we know that God has a tattoo, and we know what the tattoo says, in Isaiah 49:16, "Recorded I carry you in the palms of My hands."

God is always going to raise someone to fulfill his purpose, in ancient times he always needed a man to carry out his plans. At this time God has raised a Nehemiah to lead this beautiful life project called @SteemChurch. He is a noble knight, a warrior who has kindly invited us to his castle. Let us at this time be faithful people to be multipliers of the goodness and call of God, we are founded on the rock, which is Jesus, and the days that we remain to live are the days of greater unity and power, is something that was born in the heart of God for this time, for this day we have to see the glory of God on earth.

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We are in the middle of a fairy tale, where after so many obstacles we will obtain the victory and the desired freedom, we are in the middle of a liberator. Only the fact of knowing that God is our Fortress gives us peace and security ... comforts us .... It gives us comfort and hope. Your Word, Lord, is a balm for our life.

We will see the desire of @Sirknight to build and build the fallen (walls). The struggle and perseverance of a leader even in the face of the greatest obstacles. This is the beginning of a great revival of the people of God on earth and we their protagonists.

There is reward for the one who trusts in God. He is blessed, happy, happy, who puts all his affairs in the hands of the One who can do everything, in the certainty and complete assurance that our rock, castle and liberator does not fail. the single fact of being able to count on Someone we can fully trust is a beautiful and valuable blessing for our lives.

Habakkuk 2: 2-3

The Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and declare it in tables, that the one who reads in it may run.
Although the vision will still be for a time, but it hastens to the end, and will not lie; although I will delay, wait for it, because it will surely come, it will not be long.

God bless @SirKnight and God bless @SteemChurch.

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Castles, Knights, Apostles, Beatitudes, Jesus & God. Six of this Knight's favourite things Apostle Darlenys.

SteemChurch will go on to become the largest Christian community on Earth. For now though, we must patiently await Hardfork 20, followed by Community and SMTs.

Keep the faith and stay on the path to freedom.


Excellent teaching apostle darlenys, a spiritual food that we all need. Knowing that God is our castle, our strength and our protection brings comfort to our lives.

Good teaching @darlenys01 I pray for more wisdom to continue to teach us right

So many things we can learn in the inspiration of this publication of the apostle Darlenys, the fortress that represents the castle, the hen with her chicks symbolizes the shelter of God and the Sirknight leader as the Nehemias of this time, thank you for remembering my favorite song

Beautiful message Apostle @darlenys01. "David calls God my rock and my castle ... The two epithets refer to the natural characteristics of Palestine, where the steep and almost inaccessible rocks give protection to the fugitive, as David had frequently found in the time in that Saul was persecuting him (1 Samuel 24:23; 22: 5). But while David took refuge in the rocks, he put his hope not in his inaccessibility, but in God the Lord, the eternal spiritual rock "

Good teaching sister Darlenys, I like castles, they represent a place of shelter, also the presence of God does not make you feel safe.

wonderful message apostle @darlenys01 the image is very beautiful, represents the vision of the church and fits perfectly with the work of God. @sirknight powerful warrior, the strength of God and your a valuable woman in the kingdom.

Dear Apostle @darlenys01, like you wrote in your conclusion, let the vision be written down. It is for an appointed time. Our eyes will see and we'll be grateful to God for the manifestations.

Then David said: I love you, O Eternal, my strength. Eternal, my rock and my castle, and my deliverer; My God, my strength, I will trust in him; my shield and the strength of my salvation, my high refuge. This message reminds us that despite the storms we have a place to choose us, thank you Apostle @darlenys01 for reminding us that God is our eternal rock. I bless your life and the life of @sirknight people chosen by God.

Blessed be the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, apostle @darlenys01 you are a sent from heaven, called to proclaim the virtues of him, who called us to his light .. I impact the revelation of the image above, the vision is tremendous.

Certainly strong castle is our God, it is our greatest protection; the followers of Jesus will not suffer eternal spiritual loss, for He is always ready to help us and succor us. Psalm: 46: 1-3, God is our refuge and strength, our early help in the tribulations ... Thank you darlenys apostle for sharing this beautiful teaching with your people.

This is a true teaching of high spiritual level, the anointing that comes from above which symbolizes that we are divine instruments for the work of God here on earth, castle is the protection of God, @sirknight as nehemias representing the rebuilding of walls , and your my dear @darlenys01 you are a Deborah, prophetess of the kingdom. God continue to bless you.

Nehemias is a clear example of leadership @sirknight brings together all these characteristics, we are grateful to think of us of their selfless love, thank you apostle @darlenys01 for enriching us and helping us achieve our spiritual goals through their lessons our pebnsamientos are renewed.

We can go to God in search of protection. It is in the Bible, Psalm 18: 2, "Jehovah, my rock and my castle, and my deliverer, my God, my strength, I will trust in him, my shield, and the strength of my salvation, my high refuge." this publication with Apostolic stamp.

God is always ready to help us. It is in the Bible, Psalm 46: 1-3, "God is our refuge and strength, our help in the affliction, so we will not fear, even if the earth is removed, and the mountains are transferred to the heart of the sea; and the waters tremble and the mountains tremble because of their braveness "The beauty of @steemchurch is unprecedented everything as God has determined, so it will be done. Days of glory come, days of blessing, thank you apostle @darlenys01, thanks to our leader @sirknight.

God is my strong rock and my castle, and under his wings I am sure. If He is our castle and our fortress, nothing can overthrow that protection that only in that castle we can have, we can rest in peace and live safely !. God bless you, sister.

I love that from the fairy tale, no doubt @steemchurch is magical. you have done it this way, @sirknight is a brave knight, and you are a warrior of the kingdom @darlenys01. My best wishes to all of us who belong to this wonderful dream of God.

God does not promise a world free of danger, but it does promise to help us when we face it. It is in the Bible, Psalm 91, "He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty: I will say unto Jehovah, My hope, and my castle, my God, in whom I will trust: he shall deliver you from the snare of the hunter, of the destructive plague, with its feathers it will cover you, and under its wings you will be sure, shield and buckler is its truth, you will not fear the night terror, or the arrow that flies by day, nor the pestilence that walks in darkness, nor the plague that a day destroys: a thousand will fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come to you.

The great knight @sirknight has become a fundamental piece in the plans of God. That beautiful image is @steemchurch full of the anointing that reaches the town. We are blessed to be here.

A strong castle is our God, the castles are beautiful represent the divine protection. Thank you for this beautiful message.

Beautiful message reaches our hearts, we are excited to see what @steemchurch means and the great work that @sirknight has done for the apostles and even what is missing.

Despite the daily obstacles and the adverse situation that the country is going through, God has sent us a protector, a generous man who has paid attention to problems that afflict his peers and people like you Darlenys is that many others can be blessed, because for their effort and dedication Sirknight has given his protection and support to our Venezuelan brothers, Christian brothers and sisters who believe in the truth and a better, free and prosperous world. Amen Darlenys and God bless you.

I do not know where you get those powerful messages that reach our soul and spirit. We are grateful to God for placing on the way such wonderful people as @sirknight and the apostle @darlenys01.

Powerful message, castle, strength and God our eternal rock ... thank you for sharing @darlenys01.

The image of the anointing oil, @sirknight, the apostles and the people is simply a prophetic revelation for this time. Thank you Apostle @darlenys01.

It is amazing the level of this word, what it encloses is capable of taking us to another spiritual level, you are connected with the sky @darlenys01.

God never leaves us alone. Although there are times that we can feel without the presence of some physical person. God envelops us with his love and shelters us with his peace. God bless you. Beautiful message

Castle represents protection and strength, @sirknight the liberator used by God, his anointing is poured out to extend to the people to give us that freedom we seek. Thank you @darlenys you are a prophet of heaven.

The castles I like very much, remember dreams, princes, princesses, in short a world of fantasy ... when God enters our lives comes like that brave knight to save us, this spirit of courage has deposited him in a man like @sirknight for take us to the destination he wants. Thanks @darlenys01 for this beautiful subject.

As usual. You have that Message from God at Exact moments. God is with us and his love is unconditional .. The truth I identify and this beautiful message reaches my heart. God Bless You Greatly @darlenys01

Wao, what beauty of message apostle @darlenys01, the castle always represents love stories, we are not out of this context the love of God towards his people, the love of @sirknight for the neighbor the love of a woman for the people.

Rebuilding the dismantled of our relationship with God through Steemchurch is great task, but finding our Herro, Sirknight, it will become simple. Thanks for sharing

Well said dear sister "There is reward for the one who trusts in God" indeed for those who trust and have faith in Him are always safe.

The followers of Jesus will not suffer eternal spiritual loss. It's in the Bible, Luke 21: 17-19, "And you will be hated by all for my name's sake, but not one hair of your head will perish: by your patience you will win your souls." He means that he is our castle, rock strong. Without a doubt Apostol @ darlenys01 always elevates us to a higher spiritual level. Sometimes we imagine so many things and forget that God is our strength. Beautiful message, thank you @sirknight for everything you are doing.

Wonderful one, Insightful, inspiring and uplifting.... And for every child of God defeats this world and we achieve victory through our faith...He that keeps us never slumber neither do He sleep, our fortress as we joyney through this world.

The strength comes from God, thank you @sirknight and the aspotol @darlenys01 for bringing this good work to the world. Believe the word of God!