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Dear @sirknight

I noticed that @steemchurch is competing for 20k delegations. Good luck guys.

I've read a moment ago that you're a founder of this community? I only wanted to congratulate for you are doing great job so far.



Thank you for dropping in CP and the well wishes. 20k in SP delegation would come in very handy. Gauntlets crossed. SK.

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Dear @sirknight

I'm also competing in this contest and so far it seem that we will be almost head to head with each other. Both of our communities are so far in top5 when it comes to popularity.

Are you the founder of steemitchurch? I would like to reach out to you. I'm in touch with several great Venezuelanians and I would love to introduce them to your community.

Do you use email or telegram?


I am at Telegram friend - search for SteemChurch, you will find me there.

@darlenys01 heads up SteemChurch Venezuela - and by all accounts is single-handedly driving economic reform in the country. She is definitely a woman you should speak with.

Good luck in your bid for the SP. I know some of the SteemChurch parishioners are very keen to win this - so you have a fight on your hands friend. 😁


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