Yaaay! Happy Birthday STEEMCHURCH NIGERIA & SC-N Meet up!

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Wow! How time flies! I could still remember vividly the unveiling of Steemchurch Nigeria last year, we were all thrilled with the announcement. It came as a very big surprise, but when you look at it from the Christian point of view, it shows we serve a God full of surprises.

STEEMCHURCH Nigeria is one of the biggest sub-communities on this platform. Honestly speaking, we have come a long way, but the word of God has always kept us together as one. We've had our ups & downs, even as a nation, but God has been our rock & strength.

Designed by @druids.

Today, we are celebrating to all our trials & testimonies, all our weaknesses & strengths. And all of our tears & happiness. Above all, we are celebrating our founder.

@Sirknight, Being a leader is just only for the politicians or those in the helms of affairs. Truly, you have been such an amazing leader to everyone around you. You are a man with great qualities. Honestly, some of these qualities are not easy to come by. One must truly have the Holy Spirit dwelling in them to possess such qualities. Sir, we just want to say, thank you! You effortlessly love everyone here! You are rare! And you are a hero!

@adedoyinwealth, The lady with a heart of gold. You always call to check up on all Steemchurch Nigeria parishioners. You are patient to a fault and wouldn't give up on anyone. You'd love to carry everyone along when taking vital decisions. Thank you for everything! Thank you for all your hard work! Sirknight made the right pick! Thank you for being a true friend. I appreciate your friendship!

@fatherfaith, I just want to say, thank you for all your hard work and time. You still cared for STEEMCHURCH Nigeria even when your wedding was around the corner. It showed commitment and dedication! So, thank you!

And to everyone who has been active and amazing;
@charleswealth @uyobong @liltom002 @vik3 @oredebby @degreatmike @maxdevalue @queengift @omoyiwolabusayo @imaluv54 @sirmiraculous @fredkese. The list is endless!

Thank you, guys!
We are all doing a great job!
Thank you for not letting Sirknight down by creating @sc-n in the first place.

We are also saying, thank you to all Steemchurch Parishioners, @sc-v, @sc-g, and the apostles for all the support, encouragement, and love. God bless you all.

I pray God will continue to unite this sub-community as one. We shall grow from strength to strength. I pray God will make a way where there seems to be no way for every one of us. STEEMCHURCH Nigeria will never bring shame to the body of Christ rather we will continue to bring more souls to the kingdom of God through Christ that enables us, amen!

Designed by our very own @adedoyinwewealth

Now, as we all know, every birthday celebration comes with a party, but ours will be a slight difference. The leaders of Steemchurch Nigeria have come up with a plan for a Meetup. We intend to achieve the following during the meetup;

  • We get to meet one another face to face and share ideas on how to move this community to a greater height.
  • We are storming the streets of Lagos and environ with the good news of the Steemchurch Telos expansion.
  • We also get to have fun, laugh, joke, and merry. It's going to be a fun day.

Venue: Lagos, Nigeria
Date: Saturday, 25th May 2019

Do not miss this for anything in the world. Save the date!

Long live the body of Christ
Long live @sirknight
Long live @steemchurch
Long live @sc-n
Long live @sc-v & @sc-v
Long live @farms
Long live @reliquary
Long live @sc-telos

God bless us all!!!

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Wow, I made it to your list. Thanks for the mention.
Steemchurch really good people together.




Thank you so much Sweet Sis for your kind words.🤗
Your support and encouragement is highly appreciated.
God bless you.

Thank you too & God bless

Thank you Sister Ammy.
Congratulations to us all.

Oh yes! Congratulations to us all!

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Thanks for the kind words. Happy celebration to us

Thank you too