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The peace that Christ, when he died, left as a legacy all his
true saints is very different from all those things that the
Men of this world when they die grant their children.

I. Christ in his death made new the blessings of the new covenant for
the believers, as if they were in a last will or in a
II. A great blessing that Christ made new for the believers in his
testament was his peace.
III. This legacy of Christ is extremely different from all those who
the men of this world can leave their children when they
I. Christ with his death made new the blessings of the new covenant
for the believers, as if they were in the last will or in a

The new covenant is represented by the apostle as the last
wills and testament of Christ. "So, that's why
is mediator of a new covenant, so that intervening death for the
remission of the transgressions that were under the first covenant, the
called receive the promise of the eternal inheritance.
9:16 Because where there is a will, it is necessary that death intervenes
of the testator. "What men transmit with their last wills
or testament, is your own property. That's why Christ in the new covenant
transmits to the believers their own inheritance. To the extent that they are
able to possess it and enjoy it have that eternal life that is
a given in its measure, eternal life that Christ himself also possesses.
They live in him, and with him, and for a share of his life.

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very good subject, the true doctor of Christ. There are many false prophets today. let's take care to fall into them. we continue working for God.

The life of Christ is the true doctrine we can imbibe and transfer to others. Happy New year!

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