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When I first discovered the STEEM blockchain I was on cloud 9....A million things came to mind about the potential and huge future that STEEM represented. Being a business owner since 2003, I obviously started asking myself...

How can I bring STEEM to my business and vice versa?

That question plagued me for months on the blockchain...

From developing training sites like BitcoinBully to this one with SteemSavvy, I knew the potential was there to introduce many entrepreneurs to the blockchain...And I KNEW there had to be others that thought along the same lines.

Fast forward to Steemfest3 in November 2018, and in private meetings a group of 'savvy' Steemians got together and came up with an idea that would merge and bring like minded business people together on STEEM. To help raise awareness for....The blockchain of opportunity!

And they called it, the Steem Business Alliance! (SBA)



Founded by the who's who of entrepreneurs on STEEM, this new endeavour plans to bring businesses to the blockchain like never before.

Enterprises, blockchain companies, mom and pop shops...You name it.

I find myself in a very unique position. I'm a home based business. I've been a 1 or 3 man operation my entire adult life so I'm always curious as to how we (the work at home crowd) are viewed when it comes to 'alliances' like this...

Well last night I got to sit in on their first meeting, and I was blown away at how open this alliance plans to be.

In attendance was Matt Starkey from @Oracle-D , Fredrikaa from @SteemPress , @bitrocker2020 from Team Malaysia and @Daan

Each of these guys were fired up and super passionate about this project...This gave me a ton of confidence going forward :)

I see the SBA as a bridge. That will speak to the entrepreneurs that see the potential in STEEM and want to build on it. But also to help businesses get up to speed on how to best maximize their efforts here.

For example, we've had SteemSavvy rocking since October 2018...But we're still not on the 'blockchain' per se. This business alliance through networking and building relationships with other members will perhaps lead to ways we have never thought possible SteemSavy can be executed on a blockchain.

That's exciting!

And the SBA is just getting started!

They are looking for businesses to jump on board and become active members of this new community. And you can be sure, we at SteemSavvy SUPPORT everything this project stands for.

They do weekly meetings, 2 for the Asian time zones and 2 for the North American time zones every other week.

And you can learn all about the SBA by visiting their website here and applying to become a member of the Steem Business Alliance.

This is a business focused group and I could sense from the discussions taking place, this will be the focus going forward and that's much needed here on Steem!

Are you interested in becoming a member?

Don't wait, be sure to apply now and join the SBA!


So basically SBA they are helping to people to developed a new things in STEEM platform and promoting a new dapps. Is that so? What i understand.

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More set up to help businesses become familiar with STEEM and bringing them over to the blockchain

This is great news! A group like this has been needed here on Steem for a long time. Great to see folks taking the bull by the horn and running with it. Also sounds exciting for SteemSavvy future as well

Absolutely. Exciting times ahead and this is a much needed resource for all businesses that are curious about STEEM

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Interesting idea... I hope that SteemSavvy will find it's place in SBA and in growing STEEM population... Someone has to educate new Steemians...

Congratulations @steemsavvy!
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Hey guys, you're doing an awesome job.
Earlier this week someone told me about the SAVVY token, but I can't seem to find any info about it. Curious, though :0)

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