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A Business To Make Business

This is my entry for @aggroed contest

After making 100% of my income through apps on the phone for the last 5 years I have had a lot of personnel success. I worked for both Uber and Task Rabbit but have been held back from achieving my full potential because of the centralized top down power structure

  1. Problem: Centralization prevents people from becoming successful entrepreneurs

  2. Vision (solution): Decentralization through the empowerment of individuals

  3. Mission: To build a decentralized app that empowers individuals to provide their own incomes and build business’s

  4. Plan: Design an open source decentralized app that is a mix of Task Rabbit, Open Bazaar and Etsy. This app should be flexible, secure and easy to use. It will not create any new steem dollars but will leverage the steem blockchian for transactions. This project should be able to provide a mass amount of people with the ability to do anything from being an independent contractor to a store owner selling products or services with out relying on a third party such as Uber or Task Rabbit.


  1. Team/Budget: This project should not cost a lot of money except for 2 really passionate code developers who can get paid for their time through post rewards with a vote from people like @aggroed who has steam power and influence. Team: @ttanarcy, @aggroed and 2 code developers

So I am asking you Mr. Aggroed to be my business partner, It will cost you nothing but upvotes…

As a passionate witness for peace, abundance and liberty you value decentralization and individual empowerment. So to help further your minnow support project you can help build an app that combines your goals and passions by truly spreading abundance.

As far as how this is going to earn the creators money is simple through upvotes we can compensate ourselves quite well but then when the app is released we can use the app as a tool to earn our own incomes. I don’t need to become rich but I do need to make a living. And the only way for this app to work is for the creators to do it with passion and love not greed.

The point of this app is to help millions of people help themselves and make money not just one group because that is true abundance and wealth.

This was like 20 pages condensed into 1😜 so if this interest you comment below and lets connect✌

                                                                                                                                 Thanks ~TT

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