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I always observe almost everything here on steemit. That is one of my ways of learning. I have read a lot of blog posts from people that has been here for a long time. I'm also observing NEW people here on their introduction posts. Then I'm giving upvotes to those who are revealing their identity. Mostly I just passed by on the posts who have hidden their identity without giving them upvotes (unless I found the content valuable). Wanna know why? I don't feel they can be trusted. Do you feel the same way? Some of us are hiding their identity for different reasons. Some are afraid to reveal their identity because of fearing to phishing scam and other related activities, so we cannot blame them coz those kind of activities are all around the internet. But some are hiding their identity for their BAD intention, and that's what all of us hate the most right? So everyone of us should be careful.

Revealing your identity on the platform has a lot of BENEFICIAL. You should start it on your INTRODUCTION post and wherever you could talk about yourself, your location and of course you should show your picture. By disclosing your identity, you contribute in building authority in the niche your blog is in. You build a brand and the fanciest thing is your earn face value and recognition for your work. If you are open to your followers, they would feel connected with you. Because of that, you can gain their trust, build a brand for your blog, and earn the recognition among the crowd. Recognition is the greatest reward that each blogger wants to earn aside from money.



It takes time, knowledge and a lot of effort to compose just a single post. So it's very unfair for the author if we will copy their content. Also PLAGIARISM has a lot of consequences. Once you're accused of plagiarism people here will no longer trust you. They always feel suspicious on every content you're going to post. Aside from that the lawful repercussions of plagiarism can be very serious. The owner of the original content might sue you. Some plagiarism may likewise be considered a criminal offense, perhaps prompting a jail sentence.


Even downloading pictures can also be plagiarizing if it's copyrighted. Steemit has a bot called @cheetah that is hunting any acts of plagiarism on the platform. So don't ever try do plagiarism.

It's fine to get some ideas and gather information on others posts. But make sure to write down your own words and sentences. If you wanted to add some pictures on your post be sure to use your own camera. If you don't have time to do that you can download free photos on some websites like https://pixabay.com.



I've already mention on one of my post that begging for upvote and follow is not effective forever. Then one time I got curious on what this people are doing. We all know this kinds of people who always ask for upvote for upvote or follow for follow are all around the platform. So I took some time to take a look on the profiles of these people. Then one thing I've noticed is they have something in common aside from begging upvotes. They are only following few people. So it means when they asked people to follow them and they will follow back, it's a lie! You follow them but they are not gonna follow you back. That's what I have observed. I know it doesn't apply to all but most of them do. The same for upvote, they will ask you to upvote them but they will not upvote you back. Most of them are liars. So for doing that the benefits are not gonna be for long. Because if the people they have victimized have found out that they are not upvoting back or following back, people will unfollow them and gonna hate them for sure.

So the best thing to do to success here is to make friends to your followers, I mean real friends. Like upvoting their posts without them asking you to do.

I have found a group of people who will treat you as real friend not just a follower. I found them on steembulls discord channel. Read first the rules upon joining and make friends. Just click the link below to be redirected to the website.




Very very nice post, and very interesting info, to have in mind always!

I definitely agree with your statements. In terms of privacy/staying hidden, I think many users of social media are now jaded given the current landscape (one of conflict) in mainstream social media (FB, Twitter, etc.). So the average new user to this platform may still be guarded and protecting themselves as they feel out this new platform.

What is great about Steem (and the apps that utilize it) is that it fosters a new type of model, based around collaboration and substance of posts, instead of contention and sheer volume of posts. This inherently creates a safer and more open environment. We just need more people interacting in such ways and we shall start to see change.

I also agree with your comment. Being hidden or revealling ones' identity is still a personal choice. It's good thing steemit have provided other keys to protect our passwords to be safer from phishing scams. But still many are getting victim so we just need more effort to protect our selves. Thanks for a great comment!

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You have some great points. I choose have someone of anonymity. I think people with anonymity can be trusted. Look at the creator of Bitcoin for example. I think anonymity is great especially in what is to come in the future with facial recognition software already available. I think we shouldn't judge others if they want to remain somewhat anonymous in a sense.

I also agree with you. Not all people hiding their identity have bad intentions. But I can't get off the feeling of having a doubt with people hiding themselves. It's just my opinion. Thanks for your comment anyway.

Very good post.


I liked this post, beyond its content, is the structure it has.
Can you tell me how do you put a paragraph in the center of the post ?

use this format:

I learned about royalty-free photos from this post. Thank you!

Your welcome!☺️☺️