Steembola, it is a tombola, a raffle, for millions of Slothcoin, only here, at Steem!

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Still working out the details on how to create a good Tombola/Raffle for the Steem original Slothcoin Milllions give-away? At least I came up with a marketing name: SteemBola. Tombola is an original give-away game from bella Italia, where the winners draw is decided at forehand. This is the concept behind the SteemBola. Which I will sponsor and I will ask fellow Slothcoin sentimentalist @juanmiguelsalas if I can use the 300K he send too. Which I then will double for the grand prices to be won.

Now, this is an idea to be used more, because in most countries Tombolas are license free. (Yes, I thought this one out, actualy.) The outcome has to be pre-determined though. And that is the tricky part. How to implement this in a transparant way. The simplest way I thought it could work, is to put the time frame at one current payout round. And each entry, being a reply, has to guess a number. Because the first SteemBola will be free to join and is a give-away for Slothcoin, also a Sloth address is needed.

The tricky part being of course that one has to have a Steem account to be able to enter the raffle. Yes, I have to be strict on that one, no exceptions can and shall be made. So get off your FaceBook and join in the fun. Did you know this Social Media platform even pays you Steem Power when you join? You do not even need to have the best coin wallet ever to get a Slothcoin address. No...? NO! Just go to the Cryptopia Exchange and create a Slothcoin address there. (Having a Slothcoin wallet though helps you make more entries, as you'll need a unique Slothcoin address for each entry to get accepted...)

And if you click to Cryptopia you can see that I did not use any referall thingy. The only thing missing there though is Steem. But in a future post I will opt how we could get our own tradelist there. They have been very kind to our beloved Sloth, so I think they will be for Steem too.

Anyway, I think I'm ready to set up the first SteemBola ever, with millions of SLOTH to been given away! If you have more ideas for a SteemBola, let me know in the comments down below...

Let's rumble!

steembola teaser cc0/pd by @oaldamster

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Want to send 300K more for the Tombola... same address you gave me for the give away?
"La vida es una Tombola, tom tom tombola" :)


Hahaha, great song, life is a Tombola indeed!

You can use the same address.
Would you do the honores to make a predetermined list for the prices?

With your 600K, plus my 600K and the 6 Million the total prices would add up to a grant 7.2 million SLOTH to give away! WOW. :-)

Thought to divide it up like:

2M ,,
1M ,,
500K ,,
400K ,,
300K ,,

If you would connect these prices to random chosen numbers between 1 and a million or so? Where the ones closest to them will win. If two are within 1 from the price, it will be divided amongst them. (No same number entries allowed.)

Does that make any sense? :-)


I am on my way to visit my kid... will check better when I am back home and also send the coins. But as far as I can see make sense :)


Okay, have a good time with your kid!
I'll do the rest of the preps.

Take your time Juan, family quality time comes first. ;-)


Donation in your wallet :)
T Id : e17b504b6a400e45f1bf0994f6a225367f5af9ea8c957f2c5b35c3dcdf556a5e


Thanks, I'll post the first ever Slothcoin Steembola at 22:00 CET! 😎

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Great idea with the steembola. I have never heard of Slothcoin before. That's an interesting name.


Thank you Anca, it would be great if it would catch on.

Slothcoin is a Sloth fancoin, a kind of Bitcoin. Compaired to that one it going five times faster, which is kind of ironic if you think of it.

Althought it can be traded the value of it is mostly sentimental though.

Hi there, so this Steembola in Sloth is happening?

My adress:



Unfortunately it ended quite a while ago.