Anyone else having issues with DLIVE?

in #steembloggers6 years ago

Ok, I want to talk about dlive first, but I would also like to address dtube and dsound as well.

I just finished trying to live stream twice now and have had issues both times. Last week, I couldn’t get it working at all, and the week before that, I had the same issue. This is ridiculous because I have done three live streams in the past with no issues whatsoever. I have had a very similar experience with dtube in the past as well. I have uploaded and streamed successfully in the past, so why the trouble recently?

My most recent issue and more infuriating issue was not being able to copy and paste the link from the server. Ok, this is annoying and tedious, but not a total deal breaker until I have to coin flip on if I’m looking at a capital I or a lowercase l. I now have to upload the full stream to a mp4 file and pray that it will upload properly to the server so I can share the video. This completely defeats the purpose of a live stream.

I absolutely love steem and the steemit platform, but issues like this really make me worry about the future of steemit and whether it can really become more mainstream. If it’s too complicated to do something on the platform that are not at all complicated on other platforms, why would people make a long term switch? I seriously hope this is just an isolated problem or a bug, but I’ve had to do some extensive research to learn how to use dlive, dtube, and daudio and I still have issues. There’s not too many places where you can find help and that’s a major problem.

Does anyone else have these issues? Anyone else share my concerns? Maybe you have some tips for me? Let me know in the comments.


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