Which game do you think can be greatly enhanced using blockchain technology? And why?

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What is a game?
A game is an activity in which people involve their self to get or have fun.
It is arguable that football is the most highly loved sport and game because a relatively large number of people are addicted to it.
For instance FIFA and PES are highly generating a lot of income from their gaming product.

Which Game can be enhance using blockchain technology.
I will go for soccer game or sporting game in general.
There is one thing which derive betting and which is fairness.
What do i mean by fairness;
When the result of the betting outcome are out of both the person playing the bet and person which receives the bet, it create perspective for equality and fairness and sport is a perfect example.

It is easy to state the rule to people and they easily understand course they have prior knowledge.

Easy transfer of fund or betting stake.

Thanks to @steem-bet for this opportunity.

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Dear @oclinton

Im not much of a gamer so I cannot share my own recommendations. I checked your account hoping to read other people comments but it's a bit quiet here :(

Yours, Piotr


Thanks for the visits.
I have been quiet busy nowadays hardly have time for steemit.