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Steem Monsters Auction - Do you want a Legendary? Lord of Darkness

in steembay •  6 months ago

Use Steembay for Steem Monsters Auction

Do you want to own a Legendary Steem Monster? I have one for auction.

Since yesterday it is possible to transfer card. Thx to the great work of @yabapmatt and @aggroed

see the post here

Lord of Darkness

The opening bid is 50 SBD and the <-buy now-> price is 100 SBD

This is a lot of money, but I will invest 50% back in new packs!!

Happy bidding!!

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50 SBD is a lot. Even the @steemmonster post from aggroed recommended starting with 30 SBD for legendary cards. So you are completely of the tracks, but that is the choice of the free market. I would give you 22 SBD for your Lord of Darkness if you really want to sell!


I am selling 7 legendaries, do you want to buy?


Haha it depends on your price? But 7 legendaries is probably out of my budget.


19 SBD each :p


I just found out about the game today and bought some cards. Do you think legendary cards will be worth something in the future. I really don't understand what's going on lol. I have gotten 3 epics but that's it so far.


Yes for sure it will be worth something but we never know for sure how much it’s going to be, it will depends on how many people will play the game, how many legendary cards available and the demand. Simply it’s about demand and supply. Greater demand of the card will increase the price. It’s an investment and with every investment there’s a risk :)

*Thanks you...........sir

I will give you a big kiss for that card ! XD

Hey @rival zZz ;-) wow, thats make me a jealous :) i will open some more Boosters to check out if i can catch up my own one ;-) happy Auctioning


thx rivalzzz , nice name by the way.. ;-)


thanks, you got a nice name too :P

people will hate they have not bought this one day...

too much with 100 SBD I can find 3 legendaries.

The #steembay Auction has finished without a bid...