VOLKSWAGEN VAN CAMPER/BUS 1/24 Heavy gauge Die-cast Superior - 2nd Auction on steemit-steembay

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Collectors Item

SUPERIOR 1/24 VOLKSWAGEN VAN CAMPER/BUS - Brand new in original box

  • Volkswagon Van

  • 1/24 scale

  • Heavy Gauge Die-cast

  • Door Opening

  • Free Wheeling

  • ID number SS7404W

  • Original Box

  • Collectable

  • BRAND NEW ITEM (only taken out of box for photos)





  • Auction starts with 1 SBD + 5 SBD To UK MAINLAND Postage & Packing
    * 1 SBD + 10 SBD To EU Postage & Packing

  • Ships within 2 days to UK address only.

  • Auction must be paid within 24 hours of the end of the auction.

For more info how this auction works see this post:

This is my first Auction on @steembay hoping this auction section of @steemit will be very successful, more option will be needed in this auction section but I'm sure they will come.

Like many others have been selling on eBay for years in the early days of eBay it was exciting new and low fees.
2017 the fees and listings are so high and there's no other competitor to match eBay, although over the years many have tried likes of eBid but to name a few. We really need one as eBay dominates the market and dictates.

Time for a new chapter let us guys in the @steemit community build a successful Auction platform @steembay where we will all benefit

Not quite sure how the payment structure works at the present, but many will have PayPal @steembay and @steemit structure is in its early stages payment can be made via PayPal which is verified on close of Auction

or any other suggestions will be gratefully received

Happy bidding @Steemers

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starting price 1 SBD
this is a genuine collector's item
good luck to all @steemers
start 1.0


Auction is now opened. Starting price is: 1.000 SBD

Bids will be accepted until cashout time: 2017-11-29T10:16:09 UTC


cancel auction


Cancelation of #steembay Auction confirmed