SBI Share Exchange Fundraiser - 100 STEEM Cap - CLOSED

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SBI Share Exchange - 100 STEEM Cap

We have reached our desired cap and the exchange is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated.

We just got our hands on 100 STEEM and are looking to our community once again to help us grow.

Here's what we're offering this time.

We wanted to take this 100 STEEM and convert it into 200 shares of @steembasicincome.

The way we're planning to accomplish this is with your help!

For every share that you send to @steembasicincome sponsoring @steemexplorers we will match your contributions and sponsor you back for the same number of shares.

There is no limit to how many shares you can send in up until we reach our max payout of 100 STEEM and it is of course on a first come, first served basis until we reach the max payout.

That's it, nice and simple!

Let's us know once your contributions are complete by dropping a comment or a screenshot in the comments below and then we'll check quickly, confirm, and then send your shares and reply back as we usually do to the posts with screenshots.

Thank you to our community and we are looking forward to our shared continued growth here on Steemit! :)


As of this morning we have received 35 shares which we have paid out in return.

There are currently 65 shares remaining on this offer.



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Are you still looking to do an exchange and how many shares are left?

@senstless we are actually. We still have roughly 60 STEEM that we're willing to put toward a share for share exchange. Let us know if you're interested in anything like that.


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5 shares sponsored

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Your shares have all now been sent as well! Thank you all for your support. This was a nice surprise to find upon logining in this morning. 😄

Sweet thanks only 65 more to go to hit your target :)

Sponsored four shares. .

Really nice to see a full offer on that without a limit.
Will try to get as much shares as possible as long this offer is valid. I hope to see this even again in the future.


Your shares have been sent as well. Thank you both! :)

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Bought 8 SBI mentioning you! :D


Confirmed and 8 shares sent sponsoring you in return.

Thank you for being the first to take us up on this! 😄

Thank you for this cool offer where everyone wins!

I'm really glad everyone is enjoying this so far! It seems like a win/win for everyone. 😄

I'm all in for 13 shares -


Thought you might like to jump in and double up your shares and get these guys to 200 SBI shares for this fund raiser :)
Don't you all want to

I Always in ! "When Chekohler is calling - minimining is coming"

Do I have to prove it with a link like you? Do not know how to do that link

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lol, can always count on you. You can use a screenshot of your wallet too,

I just used the link because its easier. You can use steemd -

And click on the transaction ID in the top right corner of each transaction EI your comment to this post is - 2ff7cba0

Click on that and youll get the link

Thanks. Done. 4 shares this time.

Sweet thanks! Your shares are are really racking up!

You and your special english LOL. I used google translate to understand racking... Google told me that it was "furnishings"
Alright... I have SBI like furnishing. That sounds good...

I Always in ! "When Chekohler is calling - minimining is coming"

Do I have to prove it with a link like you? Do not know how to do that link

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Thanks for the reminder :0)

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Here we go 4 shares

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Added 24 shares!

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Sent Steem for two shares:


And the last one before the post expires:

Kinda glad to be able to grab another one. :D

Shares for @a0i @muscara and @takowi have all now been sent! Thank you all for your support, we very much appreciate it. :)

Keep calm and steem on :)

I'm in with 10! Thank you and good luck!
Hmm, now I see that you changed the title of this post to "closed".
You however didn't change the
"There are currently 65 shares remaining on this offer."
in the text and unfortunately the title in the browser doesn't change, I knew there are less left (but from these comments the 100 cap hasn't been reached yet), but here in the comments there was also no indication that it's over. I hope we can still manage to agree and you can sponsor me back, I can be the last one in this offer. :) Thank you!! (I know you are struggling with the resource credits, me too, I can't even edit this post, pretty annoying. Probably you have to wait a bit until you can answer / transfer, it's totally OK, these subscriptions are hopefully for a looong looong time. Thanks!)

@cyoadventuregame we're sorry we have been offline for several days this past week. We did in fact close the post and were no longer offering the deal. We're not out to get anyone though, so unfortunately we do not have 10 STEEM available to provide for your sponsor back but when we do we will sponsor you back because you were generous enough to help us out. Please give us a little bit of time to get that amount together and we will reach back out to you once we have it. Thanks.