- Your Best Quote Of The Month Contest - Winners Announced!!!

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And the Winners of this month's Contest are...


Drum roll please...

In 1st place: @Stortebeker

In Permaculture we don't believe in the existence of pests, weeds, garbage, or bad people.

I always like it when bad people are excluded, no matter what the activity is! Can you imagine a bad person care for and nourish a diversified system meant for abundance through patience, balance and timely work?

In 2nd place: @MondoShawan

A Viewpoint Is Always As Unique As The One Having It.

Well said, and too many people forget that, first a view point is just that; a view point. And secondly, being that we are all unique... so are our viewpoints. Too bad people fight differences so much, it's so silly!

And in 3rd place: @Blog-Beginner

If you want to move up the ladder, create your own replacement!

What an awesome way to move up. Funny thing, I had once a great opportunity which involved walking out on a job (quitting), I made a couple phone calls, and waited for this person to replace me so I could leave! That was the best move that I ever made in the film indusrty... And on top of that, I was able to not let anybody down too hard!

I promised you 12 SBI shares, they will be split into 3 for you, awesome creators, each one of you will receive 4 shares ASAP😁!

Because I've decided to make this contest a monthly event... only 1st place will have the Bonus 1 Month Exposure. You are welcome to use the same quote again next month by the way!

Congratulations to all three of you, enjoy the rewards and thank you for playing!!!

You are all really amazing people (even those of you who forgot to play😁!!!)

Thanks again everyone for participating and please try to have a look into what @Steembasicincome is doing for the platform, it is frankly pretty amazing!!!


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QUOTE OF THE MONTH: @Stortebeker

In Permaculture we don't believe in the existence of pests, weeds, garbage, or bad people.

(If you want your quote featured here, lookout for the next contest!)


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And don't forget… Dreams Come True!


Thank you for picking my quote to be the winner! I'm so happy!!! :-)
But next month I'll try the Spanish one. Not that I'd overuse this one, but I want to give the other one a chance to shine too.
By the way, do you know where I can check how many SBI shares I have? I remember having obtained some in the past, but don't know how many.

You're welcome!!! Hmmm for checking on your shares I would have to look it up, it's been a while since I checked mine. I can look it up a little later tonight if you want, but I would check first @steembasicincome.

You can check right here, or anywhere on Steem, by responding with !sbi status

I show @stortebeker at 14 and @senorcoconut at 53

NIce!! Thanks @steembasicincome I was just looking into it and found this spreadsheet (again) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iNnXUcFpt3tHZOk5dDCb21_VZFfvQN31yW7dKyebZsI/edit#gid=0

Look at the green field (You still need to make your own copy (under File menu) to edit the name field.)

Thanks for all your work @steembasicincome and thanks for playing @stortebeker... getting your shares now!

Good find. The source spreadsheet for that lookup tool is updated from our DB about once per day.

Thank you 😁! I like the command for sbi status!

!sbi status

Hi @mondoshawan!

  • you have 4 units and 0 bonus units
  • your rshares balance is 127684531755 or 0.063 $
  • as you did not write a post within the last 7 days, your comments will be upvoted.
  • you need to wait until your upvote value (current value: 0.003 $) is above 0.239 $

I'm not sure what that last bit means, you need to wait until...?

Each member of Steem Basic Income has a pending upvote balance. It grows steadily, based on their subscription level and upvote rewards. Once the balance is high enough, an upvote would be delivered.

Each post upvote delivers 20% of their balance, so they would need $0.06 in their balance to exceed our minimum vote threshold of $0.012. They have that already, so they should receive an upvote on their next post.

Since this user is not posting, the comment calculations were provided instead, but it appears to have targeted the maximum comment upvote ($0.24) instead of the minimum, so we will look into that.

What a nice surprise... this makes me happy since this is the first time my quote is getting some actual attention. ;) Thank You For This.
And now I go to find out about the SBI...

You're welcome! Steembasicincome is a very cool project. I'm glad you knoe about it now.

Sorry this is the shortest month of the year and I've not written much these days!

Thanks for playing

Pleasure my friend... no worries. Same for me and the spring is near where I will be more and more away on the road again. Can't wait actually! ;)

I cannot wait either... luckily we're going on a back-packing trip for a month in a few days!!!

Great winners. Congrats!

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