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Land 5.JPG

Yes we can finally build our life in the woods... and with a view too!!!

Land 4.JPG

We're building a multi-family homestead with anarchist tendencies, and a permaculture state of mind.

When I say "multi-family", I'm talking about three to six family units max. We want to live with others in a community setting where individuals are responsible for their action while helping each-other reach self reliance and perhaps even self sustainability. Obviously we'll throw a big party here and there!

The vision is not like those hippie communes of the 60' and 70', I don't want to hear a dinner bell ring at the same time every day and eat what the "collective" decided to eat, but I do want to live with like-minded friends who agree to share the tasks of a homestead and the bills to run it.

We're in the planning phase right now and the physical work really start next spring 2018.
(The land is raw, the only things there are a driveway, a couple RV's and a swing set we built for our boy's birthday)

The Build Plan:

  • A outdoor kitchen (A three wall cob building for BBQ's parties and events)
  • A workshop/makerspace (Pol barn or shipping containers spread apart with a roof)
  • A house to keep warm in winter (bermed house somewhat like an earthship)

Jessi-K (the misses) is wondering if we have too much on our plate before next winter... Keep in mind part of the dream is to do a lot of this stuff on the cheap, mostly DIY with up-cycled and natural materials. I think we can do it.

By the way, we're calling this place No Man's Land Extravaganza...


Please tell me your thoughts, upvote, follow, resteem. Thanks for your support!


I have an invite to participate in somethign similar in Brazil, so it's on my back-burner, will be interested to follow your experiences! Kate

Thanks @kate-m. I just read your intro to Seemit world. Are you still in Brazil?

Don't forget that thing on the back burner for too long!!!

Following you to hear more!

lol, need to accrue some funds before being able to participate on that particular item on the back-burner! It was invite to buy some land in a spectacular location. Within the realms of possibility to get together for sure, but not just right now. Never know, maybe a £10 of crypto I've bought will moon and I'll make a few grand :P

True true. Look at lightcoin heading that way! I wish for you to get the property soon and hope for us to see pictures too!

Aaaahhhhh!! Don't talk about Litecoin to me! I basically never day-trade but when it hit 160 the other day I thought I'd sell and buy back in on a mooned from there... so kicking myself. I didn't even have many coins but it's a lot of money to me. Oh well! Straight forward hodl from now on!!!HODL.jpg

Oh crap... sorry to have brought it up. I'm thinking of selling now! Bought a book the other day with light coin...first crypto purchase. Feels good

lol - no don't sell!! he he he. Well, I guess after a moon it's a good idea!

This is so exciting! I hope to see more posts about your plans and execution of this dream so that I can learn from your experiences. Wow what a beautiful setting.

Thanks so much, hopefully I can push myself to keep documenting what we do!

Congrats on choosing and finding a PLACE! We too got raw land (about 2 yrs ago now) and are doing something similar, permaculture homesteading. Good luck!

Thanks you. And good luck to you too

Hi - looks fantabulous, where are you based? Obviously not in the UK, where planning for something like this is a near impossibility!

No no not in the UK though a lot of inspiration comes from my beautiful english traveler family.... Part Mutoid Waste Company part Hackney Squats!!!

And some of this stuff is possible in england (kind of) you seen the more permanant caravan site?

I get you I think, no I haven't seen the more permanant caravan site, what's that?

They are sites where old and hippies and travelers have mostly settled.

By the way thank you for your comment and we are located in NY State.


Good luck in NY state building on land. Have you looked into the regulations and how they claim to own all watershed rights and you cant even build a pond, cistern or anything? Wow your money and time would be better spent in Idaho Texas or Oklahoma where you will be able to do as you please in most areas outside of the cities.

We looked at regulations a lot actually. Each town in the state is slightly different, so it was rough finding a place that had the right amount of rights for what we want to do and be within 2 hours on NYC. You'd be surprised how much we can do here "as of right".

We had many more reasons to chose the hudson valley, than going further away from the Big Apple.

In the end where ever you are, true freedom is in yourself... And than there are the so many loopholes in regulation!

That river frontage looks nice. What a beautiful property!. Where is this?

Oh it is amazing... there's a big swimming hole andbthe island in the middle is like a beach made up of one big flat rock! A little hard to get get to the river but we're working on that!

It's in New York's Hudson Valley

Its beautiful in NY state but the regulations are strangulating. I once wanted to live there around the Hudson river, but after looking into it I decided against it.

You learn to swim through the regulations... Did you know you can legally build a strawbale house in NY state? And live 100% off the grid in some areas, well obviously the real estate taxes will still exist but you get my point.

Some folks think it's illegal to collect water here, but in fact a lot of counties will give homeowners a free rain collection system.

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