Steembasicincome Shares Giveaway Update + Funding

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This post will be used to gain funding for @steembasicincome shares giveaways done on the @platforms discord. Find out more by clicking here. Join the @platforms discord by clicking here.

Here's the people who've already received the shares, in order by received date, from earliest to latest:

And here are the people who are set to receive shares soon, in order of earliest to latest:

Current Balance: 0.030 STEEM

Thanks to @leanvix for major donations for the funding.

If you would like not to get tagged, just post a comment and I'll be happy to remove the @ from your name.

This post will be made twice a week in order to raise funding. Each time, the data on who has received their shares and who is up next will be updated.

If you want to know how to get free @steembasicincome shares click here, and for free a @moonbot subscription, click here.

The SBD earned from this post will be used to pay for the shares.


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