Want Some Free Steembasicincome Shares Just For Talking?

in #steembasicincome6 years ago (edited)

Do you want some free shares of @steembasicincome? Of course you do. You'll get lifetime upvotes from them if you have shares in them, and guess what? I'M GIVING SOME AWAY ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!

What do I have to do to get the free shares?

  • Join the Discord for platforms by clicking here
  • Go over to #general in the Discord server and just have conversations with other users.
    Thats it, you have a chance of getting some free shares just by chatting with other users. Once every two weeks, I'll select a active user there and I'll buy them one share for @steembasicincome. As I start getting bigger, and @platforms gets bigger, I'll be able to giveaway more shares every week, and hope to give away one share a day by the end of the year.

Why am I doing this?

I love steem and want to help everyone here. A lot of people give up because they aren't making what they thought they would. I want to reward people who are active in the community and are willing to have conversations with others. It promotes an active community. Also, platforms gets bigger with more people in the server.

Again, here's the link for the discord: https://discord.gg/eGVmnJc. Come on in and have a conversation with other users.

The earnings from this post will be used to partially pay for the shares. My other posts(excluding drone upfundme posts) will be used to fund it as well.

Images taken from @steembasicincome and from @platforms.


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Hey @rishi556, gotta love Steemit! Still awesome platform and community and it's nice having great people contribute so we all benefit. Keep up the good work! Cheers!

Thanks. I love steemit, I came for the reward and stayed for the community(as many people said). Just talking with others is such a great feeling and I love it. I can spend hours just talking to members of this community.

I Love Steemit too!!! I don't have a lot of time in my life to spend on steemit (or discord for that matter) or I'm sure it would be easier to warn a sustainable income on it. Baby steps. I really appreciate what you are doing @rishi556 and look forward to being able to participate someday in your discord chat !

awesome idea ! Totally supporting you !

Thank you. I try and help out people the best that I can, and realized that this was one way that I could help someone forever.

That's very thoughtful of you.. This is a really great opportunity for those who are fairly new in Steemit like myself.. Thank you very much!💚

Yup, be sure to join the discord and tell your friends. The more people supporting platforms and me, the more that I can giveaway and help out.

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Love it, man. This is beautiful.

Great job guys! Love this idea!

I sent @steembasicincome 1SBD and in the memo including who i was sponsoring a few days ago but i haven't seen any upvotes yet. I just followed steembasicincome right now. Maybe that was what i needed? What's haven't i done?

You are getting your upvotes. You are receiving them from @sbi2, which is @steembasicincome's second account. I've attached a image from your last post to show that you got the upvote.

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 12.59.02 PM.png

Oh sorry didn't realize. Thank you for clearing that up for me.

No problem. If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask. I answer quicker on the discord and can explain in more detail there. Join in if you haven't already.

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I'm beginning to doubt how Steemit works. Only the People who came first have nice income. Also with bullshitposts!
I was convinced you could work your way up by delivering quality posts. But it's quit simple. If you joined the first months on Steemit you received big rewards because few people we're joining. It's Just a pyramid game. Now the bigger guys have a lot of steempower. They use upvote bots and earn big money by doing the same things we do. The more new People join the less chance you have as newbie to earn something.
But ok, now I know the system. I'm writing review of coins, that's what I like. But I want to warn People not to join for the money. Just do it for fun.

It's called Ponzi scheme. Not exactely in his financial version, let's say a social Ponzi. Good thing you're still an early adopter. Perseverance.. plus human dumbness, of course.

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