Rules of the *Upvote Game*

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Rules only! This post is NOT the Upvote Game itself.

How to play


Have a guess how much $ the current issue of the Upvote Game post will receive - finally shown as „Past Payouts“ (Author + Curators payout).

 Then you need to do two things:

(a) make a reply and write as a comment only your.guess, e.g. 44.65 - nothing more.
(b) make a 100% upvote to the current Upvote Game post.

❗️24 hours rule : If you do your comment/guess later than 24 hours (=1440 minutes) after the Upvote Game was posted then it’s absolutely necessary to upvote after(!) you've replied with your guess.

If you have e.g. auto-voted this post before make an unvote first (it's performed by trying to do a second upvote) and vote again after you have done your guess.


The lucky winner

The steemian who has done the best guess at the end (the smallest absolute difference) wins SBI (Steem Basic Income) Share(s) each worth 1 STEEM.
How many SBI Shares the winner will receive, please understand from the Upvote Game post.

Further Rules

  • You may have only 1 comment with your guess. Of course you can edit your guess always considering the 24 hours rule !
  • The guesses of the last 3 steemians - done in connection with a 100% upvote - do not count. They can not win. So be careful not to submit/edit your guess too late!
    24 hours rule : guesses done within the first 24 hours (=1440 minutes) never count to the last 3.
  • If more steemians have achieved the same absolute distance to the final payout the one who guessed first has the advantage.
  • If it looks like somebody is cheating or if any other unforeseen problem/irregularity arises I have the right to decide how to handle it.

An Example

So if you think the Payout will be $12.34 at the end reply with:
After you have done your guess you can do your upvote whenever you want.
If you do your guess more than 24 hours after the Upvote Game was posted you have to upvote after you have done your guess (24 hours rule).
Take care to upvote with 100% and not to be one of the last 3 participants.

Some Remarks

  • The final payout will include a 100% upvote of myself and in general all the upvotes of my own SBI (steem basic income).
  • I will not mandate any upvote bot or resteeming myself - of course you are free to do so.
  • If you have upvote this post automatically with less than 100% you may unvote and upvote again with 100%.
  • Of course, if you change your mind later you can unvote, edit the comment with your guess and upvote again. Consider that you will loose your curators payout you’ve already achieved because of your early vote.
  • Remember that in general 12 hours before payout there is no upvoting possible any more.

About Strategies

A strategy could be to make your guess quite late - taking care not to be too late... Consider other steemians who already have done their guess might haven’t upvoted yet what you could find out... Nevertheless, some steemians could forget to upvote or just try to mislead you.
Maybe it could be more promising to vote early and achive at least a nice curators payout. Of course somebody could resteem the post later what probably results in more upvotes and a higher payout nobody else had thought of before.
However, we will see how the dynamic will be...


Essentially, the changes only affect the guesses of the last 3 steemians taking part in the game. They don‘t have to be valid any more but have to be in connection with a 100% upvote.

ini sungguh sangat memberi manfaat bagik semua orang, saya baru tahu dengan berkat anda, terimakasih telah berbagi @retinox

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Brought to you by @tts. If you find it useful please consider upvoting this reply.

57.32 is my guess

the current game you always find in my blog...
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