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Complete 3 simple tasks to win 1 @steembasicincome share!



  • Task 1 - Tell me what is your most favorite color and why.

  • Task 2 - Tell me what you had for lunch and dinner yesterday.

  • Task 3 - Tag a friend's username in your comment.

  • (Optional) Resteem this post.

Winner of previous contest of 1 @sbi share each:

@moncia90 and @honoru

There are 2 SBI shares up for grabs.

This contest closes 24 hours after the post goes live. The winners will be chosen randomly.

Thank you for reading!

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  1. My Favourite colour is blue
  2. For lunch I had cottage pie
  3. I tag @inna-world

My discord is dead, I going to another town for holidays)

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my favorite color is white because it helps me remain calm and wade the ups and downs of life without losing my cool

For Lunch : I had bread and cottage cheese dumplings and
For dinner: I had a fruit salad

my favourite colour is blue: it calms me down
my lunch yesterday was meatballs and potatoes; dinner was curry rice with vegetables
i tag @krevasilis

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My favorite color is blue because it is pleasant for my eyes and it remind me of the skies and a sense of freedom when one day I would travel in it.

I had some fried fish and rice yesterday for lunch but asked mother to fix me some cheese sandwich because I didn't enjoyed the fish. It is a lunch and supper combined.


Oh wow @jznsamuel this is the first time I won a contest in here :P
Thank you very much.

Favorite colours:

  • White & Black

How about leaving yesterday for lunch and dinner:

  • lunch

Rice + shredded potatoes

  • dinner

Rice + shredded potatoes + vegetables

My @ friends are:


I forwarded and praised this article:

My favourite color is purple because it is my comfort color. My lunch yesterday was fried noodle and my dinner was mixed vegetables anf salted egg chicken with rice.
I tag : @windowglass

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Thank you for the win!!!
This is my entry for today's contest:

  1. My favorite colour is Blue, because I love the deep sea and the silent that I fell there. Blue is also the colour of the sky.
    Sky and Sea are places that I love!!!
  2. Yesterday I ate boiled chicken with salad and maionese for lunch and for dinner I ate a vegetarian dish: salad, cheese and potatoes. I love vegetables but I like meat too.
  3. I want to come here my friend @enmaart

Thank you @jznsamuel, it is always a pleasure to partecipate! I am ready for the next contest!☺️👍

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I like purple. I had noodles for lunch and soup powder for dinner yesterday.

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I like blue because the sky is blue. I like blue sky.
I had fried rice noodle for lunch and had noodle for dinner yesterday.

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  1. My favorite color is red because it symbolizes happiness and love.
  2. My lunch yesterday is rice + pork adobo + cucumber salad My dinner is rice + sweet and sour fish
  3. I tag @jurich60

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My favorite color is black. Constant , solid, stylish and suitable to all occasions and myriad settings. And anything on a black background stands out.

Lunch: Chicken Biryani - a fab rice dish, typically Indian food

Dinner: Veg Soup and cucumber sandwiches

I tag @melip

Happy Holidays!!

my fav color is purple as it makes me feel special
I had fried rice and soup in lunch and fruits at dinner time

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I like grey, in between black and white and very calming.

I have noodles with roasted duck for both lunch and dinner


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purple, because it is the color of berries that are delicious
yesterday I ate spaghetti and meatballs
today I ate apple pie

Black becoz I always feel dark

I had pasta for lunch and hotpot for dinner yesterday


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Task 1 - Tell me what is your most favorite color and why.
Ocean Blue because the ocean is my favorite place to be.

Task 2 - Tell me what you had for lunch and dinner yesterday.
lunch - brown rice cereal with sprulina and seaweed
dinner - a can of tuna fish eaten from the can while working; three tiny bananas for dessert.

Task 3 - Tag a friend's username in your comment.
@mariannewest :)

Thank you for the tag :)

Thank you so much! I love sbi. coming over to check you out now :)

wowow... thank you! thank you!
i will share to other steemian to join you today event.

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blue is my color of choice as it has a feel good factor for me
I had pasta in lunch and a cheese pizza in dinner

  1. purple, because it is mysterious, magical.
  2. banana, borshch
  3. @alexworld

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this contest is over - you should participate in the latest one -> Win a @steembasicincome share!

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