This Post Will Be Downvoted....

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This Post Will Be Downvoted…..png

This post will be downvoted!

But not for the reasons you may think....

It's not for spam, I think I've done a pretty good job so far of keeping my 'spammy ways' off of Steem over the past 2 years.

It won't be because of a flag war. I also stayed WELL clear of that craziness since I got to the blockchain.

It will be because I want to reward engagement, content creation and people creating content for their first time....

When I first got onto Steem, I had this crazy vision to bring my online businesses over to the blockchain. It was a pretty decent game plan. You see, I come from the affiliate marketing side of the internet and one of the things I have been teaching my customers for years is not only the importance of content creation (developing a platform online) but also to step out of your comfort zone...


So in my training @ClickTrackProfit I teach people to come to Steem...And start creating content.

I have detailed modules training them on the importance of content marketing and then introducing them to our tribe here on Steem - CTP


Here's the hurdles we face in our business model...

A lot of our customers and members are fascinated to try their hands at affiliate marketing, but once they hear that they need to start blogging and creating content on social media...They freeze up.

It's not always the case but the majority of my members are learning this stuff for the first time. So stepping out from behind their computers is a HUGE deal for some of them. But we encourage them to come to Steem regardless...And start creating.

We support them with upvotes, comments, community support and..... @SteemBasicIncome units....

And that is why this post will be downvoted.

You see, there is an account on Steem that has been waging war on Steem Basic Income for over a month now. And I've had dialogue with the individual, he doesn't seem like a bad dude...But there seems to be some massive misunderstanding of what SBI is.

To him, it's a voting circle. The ability to buy your votes for your content. And as you may or may not know, SBI works by someone 'sponsoring' you into the program. The more people you sponsor, the more units you accumulate. The more SBI you get, the bigger your vote can be.

To me, it's a huge win-win for everyone...But apparently since Hardfork 21 we are against any form of 'vote buying'. I get it, and that's fine.

Here's my concern....

I'm telling hundreds of my members...Come to Steem. We'll support you! And up until recently, they got downvoted if I bought them some SBI. Thankfully, the account in question has stated that from now on only people that 'sponsor' others will be downvoted.

However what does this tell the people that are brand new to Steem?

"Come on over...And even though we want to engage with you, and support you...We'll get downvoted and you might down the road as well...!"

Remember, these are people that took HUGE steps to just get out of their comfort zones to start posting here to document their journey...

It's troubling.

At the same time, I don't mind getting the downvotes instead of my customers. So that's fine, I'll take the loss every time I sponsor someone into SBI because I believe in rewarding people that take action.

But seriously...Downvoting has missed the mark big time.

Wasn't it meant to protect the blockchain from spam?

I guess someone will say that 'vote buying hurts Steem' but I think what hurts Steem more is when people come here and go through the massive learning curve just to get their account set up, develop the courage to create and then see....


I'm not saying downvotes don't have their use case, they do and are important...I just think we need to start using them to protect from spam instead of scaring would be content creators away....


The 'Official' CTP Merchandise store is open for business.

The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

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As I can see, your post is still downvote-free... We will see if it will survive... The poor guy doesn't understand that the STEEM is all about the people and the community... Unfortunately, he isn't a part of it and that probably left mark on him... He wants attention, but he is doing it wrong...

Anyways, for every downvote, usually, the good people of Steem respond with an upvote, so no worries... ;)

This is the right attitude. Downvoters are going to downvote. You don't have to like it, but you need to get used to it. If you aren't explaining that downvotes are a thing to people you onboard, then the failure is yours.

It's not up to the masses to 'cater' to Steem....It's up to Steem to cater to the audience and provide an environment that is attractive and something people wanna be a part of. Downvoting new people to the community doesn't do that.

So remove downvotes or control them? That seems to be the logical conclusion to your statement.

I'm not a fan of downvotes. I mean, I get it, for spam, sure...but that brings a whole new set of problems.

Personally, I just dont use them. If I dont agree with a post, I just move on. I choose to upvote the content I like, ignore the stuff I dont agree with.

I'm not a fan of downvotes. I mean, I get it, for spam, sure...but that brings a whole new set of problems.

So what's the proposed solution? How do you maintain decentralized governance and enforce downvote parameters at the same time? I see so many posts like this, but never a tenable solution. Without a proposal, it's just empty complaining. Rather than empty complaining, people should be onboarded with the right mindset about what to expect on the mainnet.

People need a realistic expectation of how the system operates when they join, and they are not getting it. I am sure once SMTs/Communities arrive, you can rule downvotes for your community with an iron fist. You will probably be able to disable them altogether.

Made $20 rehashing the recent fiasco. Sounds like a good deal to me!

Yeah, pretty sure this gets split 50/50. But maybe I didn't understand how HF21 worked... ;)

My thought has always been majority rule for downvotes...So random thinking, the majority people 'downvote' a post, then it gets a downvote. Would be pretty easy if it was spam for example, think the majority doesnt want that here...

No idea it it's feasible, cause I have the tech knowledge of a toad...But I know one thing, the more people don't feel valued, the harder it will be to keep them.

And that's really my thing..SBI was a way to make people feel their content is valuable.

Hi Jon, I read your article with much interest. As you know, I too have had dialogue with that steemian in Poland.

He (yes, a he) claims to be protecting Polish steemians from German downvoters going back to before HF21/22. He has become so consumed in his pursuit for justice - as determined by his own puritanical mind - that he is attacking any system that is similar to a bot. Actually, he got his own bot revenue generator stopped, so he's just being spiteful.

I know where he's getting some of his funds from, as he's popular on a certain Steem tribe. I suspect he's also an agent provocateur, perhaps being funded from a Steem competitor, as why else would anyone swap $200 in cash every day to buy Steem then burn that Steem on downvotes? He portrays himself as being a hero of sorts to the Polish community here on Steem, and he thinks he's just super, man.

He hides behind anonymity yet his true identity is easy to find if you know where to look. I'm not a private investigator so I will not pass on his name. I respect his privacy as he respects mine.

So here's the rub: in every community you get the ones who feel hard done by, and that's why laws are made. Blockchains by their very nature have no laws and are a form of libertarian utopia. All are welcome on Steem, to do as they see fit. If that means destroying your own investment in time, money, and reputation then all of us here on Steem have to decide if Liberty and Freedom includes rape, pillage, and self-destruction of the Steem platform. After all, perfect liberty allows us to destroy Steem itself.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness": source Wikipedia, United States Declaration of Independence.

But Rights should not include 'negative Rights'. Rights should have a 'right angle' if they are for progress.

SBI has done more to keep smaller members here than any possible downside anyone can dream up. Keep on Steeming and SBI sharing

I agree....It's a vital aspect of this blockchain that doesn't get a lot of support from the big boys....Instead, downvoting does. Mind blowing.

It is my contention that any means of mining STEEM which is not proof of brain is creating counterfeit STEEM. Such counterfeit STEEM, in turn, devalues validly mined STEEM.

P.S. Downvoted to counter @sbi2's upvote.

You are right....nothing here is proof of brain at all.

lol Completely useless information as is all my content....

Thanks for the downvote though....Appreciated. You sure stood up to protect the blockchain from evil doers like me...

P.S. I upvoted you cause I'm about positivity not negativity. ;)

P.S. I upvoted you cause I'm about positivity not negativity. ;)
lol Completely useless information as is all my content....

This is asinine. The upvotes far outweigh the downvotes. The value discovery speaks for itself. The whole impetus for your post is complaining about the negative aspect of value discovery. That isn't focusing on positivity at all.

Focusing on positivity is making sure those posts whose value has been reduced too much are restored to proper valuation. Small downvotes on a $20 post should be water off a ducks back. Instead we have people yelling from the mountain tops about how bad it is for someone to counter an SBI vote with their stake, instead of just organizing to restore those votes with more positive curation... and GASP, actual human curation.

Did I have an idea that this would make 10 bucks...Not 20, remember, curation and all ;)

I had no idea...But it does show that people see the value in upvoting rather than downvoting. And to me, that's great. More upvoting, less downvoting! ;)

You are right....nothing here is proof of brain at all.

You continue to miss the point. The content is not in question, nor is any content that is upvoted by SBI. What is in question is the non-proof of brain upvoting of SBI or any voting bot for that matter. An SBI upvote is not an indication of any value of content - good or bad - due to it being a blind vote.

The tieing of your upvote to some marker of personal positivity; instead of a merit felt for the content of the post; shows that you still don't get it.

It may interest you to know that a post of mine has been downvoted due to someone giving me SBI somewhere along the line. So this is not meant (nor are likely the SBI downvotes) as a personal attack but an attack against bot voting; regardless of how much lipstick is put on that pig.

So you are saying that my post isn't worth the 50 cents SBI upvoted it then?

Do you see the logic in your reasoning?

'This post (regardless of quality) got a vote from a 'bot'...So I'm going to downvote it no matter what...!!!'

You are acting, in fact, like a bot lol

Do you see the logic in your reasoning?

The downvote in the example is to counter the blind robotic vote, not to judge the content of the vote. Indeed, one could have robots blindly negating blind votes.

Even if a human makes the upvote it is subjective. But that is what Proof of Brain is meant to be!

You may come along and deem that the post is not worthy of taking from the reward pool and downvote it. Both of those votes would be Proof of Brain!

Proof of Brain is subjective and no guatentee for good quality. As the saying goes, common sense is not so common. Yet bot voting is not proof of anything. downvoted regardless of the quality of content.

thats counter 'proof of brain''s proof of something though that's for sure....thanks for keeping steem so clean lol

A downvote has no cost to me in the present HF. An upvote costs the bot in RCs. The difference in costs, coupled with EI reward split, is what is making voting bots no longer as profitable as manual curation.

If you don't get it no problem. My micro influemce is not worth the typing if you can't grasp the larger picture.

Nothing personal. It's only business.

The larger picture is...Downvotes are scaring everyday people away from Steem. If you don't get that....Well. Yeah. Keep using your 'free' downvotes....It's working out really well.

I support everything you do and I believe that SBI does no harm to anyone no matter what angle you look at it.
Unfortunately the person who believes it is their right to take SBI of the playing field and downvote anyone sponsoring or awarding SBI has shown they are not part of Steem but a hindrance to the whole system.
There will come a time when their power is irrelevant as more people join Steem or earn SBI and go out of their way to make sure there is enough upvotes to counteract the downvote of this feeble minded individual.
What really pisses me off about this person the most is they are nameless and faceless so just on that alone that makes them someone who is gutless and wants to hide because they have no balls to go public.
I contemplated sending them a care package of a pair of tweezers, a magnifying glass and pepper but alas because they are anonymous I can't do that.
I am sure it could have helped them in a lot of ways especially in relieving their frustrations that at present they use for putting down SBI.
Oh well their loss.
Don't stop doing what you are doing Jon you have support from real people with faces and names so that puts you way in front and above this one individual.

Thanks man....Yeah that's the blockchain. For better or worse, you can be 100% anonymous here. And that's part of decentralization, but I just wish projects like SBI got much more support here on Steem....It would be a huge benefit if everyone felt like their time here was valued!

I'm all out 100% supportive of your initiative @jongolson. I'll do my best too to support fellow CTP tribesmates who need help here. 😉👍 I get downvotes from "mosquito accounts" too. For a newbie on the platform, that will be quite discouraging. After all, you don't get such on mainstream social media. I've been on Steem for four months now, so I've developed some form of tolerance for these mosquitoes. They're part of the system, although honestly what they're doing is abuse of the system in my opinion. Really hope there's a way to counter them. For now, I'm resolved to send each dv a giphy with virtual+hug. Perhaps they're just lonely and needing attention 😁😁

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Oh I'll give hugs to anyone that needs one :)

Oh well, it sucks, but I am sure you will go further over here than that guy ever will! You have more support than you think! !trdo

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Appreciate that. I do though want him to win, just like I want everyone to win on Steem!

Well, 8 hours after your posting I could not find any downvote on you. People are becoming civilized...

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I think I got one for 6 cents. Not bad :) I'll take it lol

I read this earlier today. And it was part of the reason for my video post this morning. I was really going to rant in my video but I tried to keep it more positive.


That's what I've tried to be for two years here....This is the first time I've ever voiced my opinion on downvotes. But again, the good outweighs the bad here and that's why I love Steem so much.

No downvotes on the post so far Jon, SBI has for sure helped a lot of people get started and motivated to continue creating content on Steem, and this attack more than anything is discouraging new Steemians to stop creating content, and that is just messed up, if he really wants to protect the value of his stake then he should encourage new Steemians not discourage them, thanks for sharing and stay awesome.

As long as I'm the one getting downvoted and no one else, I'm ok with that when it comes to SBI. I think it helps a lot of new accounts here!


Crazy things happenig @jongolson , I also was downvoted just because some don't agree with the rewards I've got. While I hit that trending page once in decates and some are always there there just for sharing pictures or vlogs or news they find in the web. While others have to struggle months to get there and in the end they got punished for funny reason. I hope all the best for this blockchain but with all these downvotes it will be hard to make it grow. But as you see, I'm not telling that I'm living or something, but I think we just have to be stronger to fight for it.

What's interesting to me is...Who determines what post is worth what? I can't critique art because, art is subjective. Just like content.

For that reason alone, I'll never downvote anyone unless it's spam. If I dont agree with something, I just ignore it and move on.

Of course. That's the best thing to do. The thing I don't understand is why they don't look for the best content to upvote to waste time in looking for someone to downvote.

I see so many worthy posts not supported at all and the community is trying to lift them while those who are downvoting can lift them all.

I think it's easy to find someone to downvote and tell to people that they are doing for steem instead of making better effort to find good content to support and newcomers to welcome.

The funny thing is when they attack community leaders who are doing so much even with their low power.

It seems that they are trying so hard to leave the cake only for themselves.

To protect the blockchain!!!!!

I read and understand the information, kinda. I don't know how to see downvotes and really don't care if I get any but I also don't know anything about SBI or what it is or how to get it. I guess there are some things I haven't found to read about yet.

It's people thinking they know what's best for the blockchain....By keeping away the people that could bring Steem to a whole other level.

Thanks for posting this Jon. You just got another upvote, all be it a couple of days after your post. I have been downvoted in not only here but in other places like the Gauntlet and in Sweeva. Sometimes for good reason as I often step outside of my comfort zone and am not afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes are opportunities to learn.

Yeah that's true..And I wish I got downvoted because people were trying to help my content and constructive criticism ...That would at least help lol

you have to something to be down or up voted. it not spam? i guess not . you got me concern that i was spamming now.

You aren't don't worry about a thing...Keep creating :)

could tell me more about CTP? (:

What would you like to know?

It's awesome and we save unicorns daily

Hi Jose, at ClickTrackProfit we're a bunch of professionals who share our experiences and help other people learn how to grow their own online businesses. All are welcome at the house of @jongolson and @blainjones.

I am glad you are teaching us to get out of our comfort zones

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Hey man, it's you guys for stepping up and going for it...I'm just introducing you to new ways to do it. You deserve the credit!

Why would you not just use your SP to support these people with auto-votes? A lot simpler and it gives you the opportunity to make sure their content stays decent.

SBI really is just a complicated content-agnostic self+buddy voting system. It's named Steem Basic Income which is kind of misleading because you have to post to get it. It's designed to help retain users, though, because you do have to post to benefit from it.

I don't do the auto vote thing. Never have really...I prefer manual but that's just me. No real rhyme or reason why I prefer that.

Content being decent is VERY subjective. Again, a lot of my members have never posted before, so I'm trying to get them out of their comfort zones to find their voice. To be honest, a lot of their content might never win a Pulitzer Prize, but that's not what we're after.

We're trying to encourage people to stick around for sure. Make a post, engage with people, keep growing every day :)

And that's why I love SBI so much, it encourages people to create every day. That's what we want in our little side of the web.

Appreciate the comments and dialogue :)

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