Steem Basic Income 72h Raffle #35 (win lifetime upvotes on all your posts)

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We hit 19 valid entries, 17 upvotes and 9 resteems (adding up to 45 raffletickets).

Congratulations to @gillianpearce for being our last lucky raffle winner: Steem Basic Income 48h Raffle #34.

Keep resteeming and inviting your friends! Due to lack of liquid funds I need to cap this at 2 shares per raffle for the next raffles. 1 share is guaranteed and if we hit 20 valid entries I gonna double that.


Steem Basic Income is a social experiment to bring a basic income to as many Steemians as possible. Members join by sponsoring others into the program. Steem Basic Income is delivered through providing regular upvotes to member content.

In case you do not know about @steembasicincome already make sure to read Their Complete Overview Post.

You also can join their Discord:
This giveaway will be open for 72 hours.

Basically comment whatever you want just simply tell us an interesting story, a joke, talk about basic income,... What ever you wanna talk about (just keep it civilized)!

What you write does not change in any way your chances to win I just want people to engage, so I will reserve me the right to exclude spam comments from the raffle!
To take part in this giveaway:

  • comment as described above
  • follow me for continuous raffles (optional)

Resteem or Upvote this post to double or even triple your chance of winning (Not necessary to take part in this raffle though. Each action (Upvote or Resteem) will get you an additional ticket in the raffle)
All valid entries receive one ticket in the raffle. In case you also resteemed this post you will receive a second ticket in the raffle. In 72 hours two lucky winners will get randomly picked and sponsored one Steem Basic Income Share worth 1 STEEM each (winners will be announced in the next raffle post)!

Good luck to all!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Thank you for this great chance! Good job!

My entry is a joke:
Her: I'm pregnant!
Him with twinkle in his eye signifying the glee at which he now has a license to dad joke: Hello pregnant, I'm dad!

I'm also running a competition for SteemBounty and SBI. Decent prizes and easy enough to win something.

(Cross-promoted contest by permission of OP)

Ooh, I have one too!

How do you tell a good dad joke?
You don't, but that won't stop anyone from trying!

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here goes

Love Steem Basic Income

Upvoted and resteemed. Thanks for the opportunity.

A joke? Yeah I can do that.
A man visits a casino and sees a man who is playing a game of poker with his dog. The man, very impressed says to the owner of the dog, well that is a fine intelligent dog you have. No, answers the dog owner. That dog of mine is in fact a bit stupid. Why is that, the man is asking. It is the very first dog playing poker I have ever seen. Well, the dog owner says. Whenever my dog has good cards, he is wagging his tail like crazy.

This looks like a great contest @elleok. Thank you. I don't think I have any sbu shares yet.

Thank you so much for the steem-basic-income win @elleok. It's very much appreciated. 😊

A Raffle again, so many SBI contests lately, I'm loosing the overview. xD

Here we go! Yay!

Universal Basic Income is an old idea, but only recently is getting awareness around the world. And i think the new crypto blockchain technology will help its implementation in a propper descentralized and transparent way.

I've Upvote and resteem.

Am dropping my link too, a story I just put down Now.

...I will reserve me the right to exclude spam comments from the raffle!

Nice post. Upvote me. I am new on Steemit



Good luck!! SBI reli help a lot!!

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Man it's crazy how this works!


Hoping to win

Keep it up.

Congratulations @gillianpearce on your win

Thank you @sparkesy43. 😊

Consider the noble rabbit. Neither fluff ball nor lizard, he can move while being petted. Truly a remarkable bunny.

I hope you enjoyed my entirely bizarre and somewhat random string of words.

Please pray for our First Responders.

Well, lets see what happend.


Awesome seeing people contributing to such a good cause . I also started my own giveaways. 3 shares have been given so far :)

Yeah I like @SteemBasicIncome project and alao want to take share hope I can take from here.
Thanks @elleok for this giveaway.

"The more you know, the less you claim."

lets try this out

I am planing a Steem-Monster starter + Booster Pack + Random cards giveaway to launch Monday but for now I am running a daily card giveaway which can be found below.

Awesome! Let me join the party, too!

"Your kids will thank you."

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