The winner of Easy SBI contest #57!

in steembasicincome •  5 months ago 

Thank you to all who entered in the Easy SBI contest #57.

The winner is: @guruvaj

Congratulations! Your SBI unit will be submitted shortly. Check @steembasicincome's wallet for confirmation.

Stay tuned for the next contest!

Consider using one of your witness votes on untersatz!

Run by myself and organduo—supporting the community with regular contests: Easy SBI Contest, Pinky and Spiky Drawing Contest and Secrets of Organ Playing Contest. Also powering the popular giphy bot and donating STEEM for deemarshall's creative contests.

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I won!

Congrats! By the way, have you voted my witness @untersatz? Here’s also a bonus prize for you... !giphy-tip 500

@guruvaj you have received 500 GIPHY from giphy!
Trade the tokens on Steem Engine or send them to @giphy with post in memo for an upvote!

// This tip bot is powered by witness untersatz! //

I will now, I still have a spare.
Where is the witness link/post of @untersatz

Just click through to the blog of @untersatz and you will find the post by @organduo. Thank you.

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