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RE: Revival of the Nature Identification Contest (NIC) - win SBI - steembasicincome V.1

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Hmmm, looks like a mutant cross between a Locust and a Shrimp. Maybe we should call in Ridley Scott to Identify it, or Bruce Campbell the guy who played in Army of darkness. But me I have no clue. It is an interesting looking bug.

So maybe @whatisnew would know. she likes bugs.


Ha, yes it does doesn't it!! Bruce Campbell would just get the boomstick on it.

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Hahaha... agreed about calling Ridley Scott! I do think it looks like a Weta... could it be some version of a weta - or a long lost cuz since there is now some water between Bali and NZ?

Wētā is the common name for a group of about 70 insect species in the families Anostostomatidae and Rhaphidophoridae, endemic to New Zealand. They are giant flightless crickets, and some are amongst the largest insects in the world. Generally nocturnal and herbivorous, they are preyed on by introduced mammals, and some species are now critically endangered.

ps. Would be great if @whatisnew could share some bug expertise!