Winner of the upvote contest - week 23

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The winner of the uvpote contest of week 23 is now determined.

The winner is @gduran

WIN 23.png

What the winner gets

The winner gets a share of @steembasicincome which is a social project intending to help minnows to develop on steemit. You can purchase a share of the program for 1 Steem. After that, you will get one upvote per day to your posts by steembasicinome. The more shares you own, the higher the upvotes are going to be. So it is a great thing to get such a share because it just means at least one upvote to your future posts.

week 23 - results.png

How the drawing of the winner took place

Everybody who took part in this contest received an upvote on the post that was submitted. Among all the participants that have submitted a valid post, I have organized a draw to determine the winner of the @steembasicincome share.

I first created a table with all the entries. For people who had resteemed the post, I created an additional entry.

I then used the website for the drawing. I wanted to get one result from among numbers from 1 to 19.

Random - week 23.png
Image source: screenshot from

The result that I got from this query was Number 18.

If we check our tables with the entries, we have a winner and the winner is @gduran who wrote the a post about conspiracy theories. He won however by resteeming the contest post. Congratulations!

Thanks again for taking part in this contest!


Thank you very much for reading my post. Feel free to upvote, comment, resteem or follow (@achim03).

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Congratulations @achim03: this post has been upvoted by @minnowhelpme!!
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Thanks for being here!!

Well thanks, it is always nice to win.

hi @achim03

do you think steembasicincome is worth our time and attention? are those real numbers or also just a pennies?

please let me know what's your opinion

obviously upvoted


Hi @crypto.piotr,
Thanks for stopping by. I've been giving away these shares of steembasicincome for some time now. What I like about it is that each time when I offer a share to somebody, I also get one myself and I increase my position in the program. I can't really say that it pays a lot. But for every post I write, I get their upvote and at the moment it's worth around 0.03 sbd with about 5 shares.

Best regards,


I love SBI i have 7 shares now, it is not much, but still it is always, and when they get bigger the shares will be bigger too.


Thx @achim03 for explaining it to me. Appreciate.


I think the upvote you get also depends on how often you post but I could be wrong.

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