Automated Voting Services on Steemit for Curation

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Automated Voting Services for Curation and Exposure on Steemit

A few months ago I joined Steemit not having a clue as to what I was doing in the world of blogging on Steemit and/or Busy.

It took me a while just to figure out what to write about, how best to interact with people, what the heck curation even meant, and what other services and applications were attached to the Steem Blockchain.

This is all very complicated stuff!

In the spirit of sharing some of the things that I've learned I want to talk about some automated voting services that can help you curate posts in a passive manner without having to be active on Steemit 24/7.

Steem Auto Curation Trails

First and foremost, one of the best things I've seen so far in terms of automated upvoting is on @steemauto through the use of curation trails.

This allows you to follow a popular group or individual's curation trail and to mimic or follow their voting patterns. For instance a popular curation trail is @curie which you may have heard about already in your experiences on Steemit.

The Curie community helps promote new users or writers starting or that create great content but that just aren't getting any visibility or upvotes. If you followed the @curie curation trail then you'd vote in similar ways as Curie votes and you might just earned a greater level of curation rewards than you are on your own.

SteemAuto Fanbase

If you have found an author on Steemit that you really like and that typically generates nice returns on their posts you might have noticed that they always seem to have a large number of voters on their posts. Some voter support will appear their consistently.

Why is this you ask? Probably because they have the particular author set to autovote anytime they put out new content.

You can do this through SteemAuto by following that author under the FanBase section.

As an example, here is a link to following me on SteemAuto under the FanBase should you choose to share some love in my direction. :)

SteemAuto Fanbase

Anyway this is a useful tool that many many people are already using on this platform. Check it out for yourself and see if it helps you out like it has done for me!

Helpful Steem and Non-Steem Services

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Get More Followers and Upvotes
Vote Selling & Delegations or Buy Upvotes


The good thing is that there are many networks that are doing their best to help us get more followers.
and this is not an exception

I have discovered too many others just yet but when I do come across something I find super helpful I try to share the knowledge. Appreciate you dropping in to check out what I shared. Always looking for feedback too on how to improve if you saw anything that didn't look right.

This platform is really helping people to form a more strong community. It allows people to form a clan in a society. As rightly pointed out, its reward is more as well

After my curation trail upvotes something and I notice it on my Steemd account I often head over to those blog posts and try to read through them. I know most people probably don't bother doing that but I like to see what content it's choosing and upvoting to see if I can take something away from those posts that I didn't know before. So I like that aspect of it too.

Thats a very authentic way to address the unknown upvotes being distributed. It can tricker many great ideas into one mind. I appreciate your this angle of thought

A good tool, yes, but it would be nice to see its competitors in this post as well.

I'll work on adding some more info on other competitors tonight once I research them a bit.

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