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Steem Auto Logo

Ok cool so we are off to a good foot,

SteemAuto is also rollin'. @steemauto

We testing a steem automated service called Steem Auto
it has the option for Post scheduling (our previous post):

"You need to get setup on Steemit"

Please support the @steemauto service by donating on rewards for posts (there is a 0% option), also support them by following their "Curation Trail" and the "Fanbase".

@steemauto Curation Trail & Fanbase.

@steemauto Curation Trail

@steemauto Fanbase

Gears and cogs

Join and Skate

Please follow our Trail and Fanbase below:

@joinandskate Curation Trail

@joinandskate Fanbase

Drop us your @steemauto link so we can add you to our auto-list.

Stoked to get Steemit setup, next are the boards.

Skating components

P.S. Post was sent using @steemauto Post Scheduling service.

Direct Link to Scheduling service:

Anyone can Join and Everyone can Skate

May the Force be with you

Dropin * Follow * Upvote