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Howzit @Doc Dre 👨‍⚕👨‍🔬💥

You need to come Join Steemit, get setup with a Steemit account.
Steemit Social Network

It's runs on-top of the steem blockchain like Bitcoin Wallets run ontop of the Bitcoin Blockchain (to access your Bitcoins)
They teaching blockchain in schools in a few years, some students are already being taught, you old street cats need to learn about it also, theses are some new tricks in the machine.

What is Steem power?

Steem Power

Steem power is an important part of steemit social network, the concept is similar to a 30 day call investment account.
You put the money down ("power up the steem") and then you can use the interest ("voting power") to do stuff (interact with bots and other apps, liking posts gives people tiny amount of steem,
the more steem power💪🏻💨 you get the more you can do,
its like pushing weight and making muscle.

Voting Power could be seen as how much strength / voting influence you have on the Steemit social network

Steem has a wallet just like Bitcoin but they are also running a social network like facebook on-top of the Steemit blockchain.

With this considered there seems to be more value in Steem a social network and meeting cool open minded random people on steemit than Bitcoin?

Facebook censors and bans stuff? there is no banning on a blockchain.
You can try find or ban the user. no going back, can't delete or edit stuff once its posted.

You can't shut it down, you can't censor it or stop it at the source.
You can't hack it or turn it off.

Going to steem this, come Join and Steem, come Join and Skate.