Steem Auto - Advantages and Disadvantages

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A lot of people on Steemit post less and interact more and thus they make more $$ by interacting than posting.

What does it tell us?
That curation is an equally part of your Steemit journey.

As @taskmaster4450 wrote here, "Commenting can lead to some big money." and here, "I made $230 in 7 days just from posting comments" it can be established that commenting can really improve your networking skills and bring in some hot $$ too.

The other part of curation is upvoting folks. I follow 136 people and most of them are not from India. They're posting when I am sleeping and I am posting when they're in deep slumber. It is much obvious that I will miss out on most of their posts unless I manually go to their profiles and comment on their posts, which honestly speaking could be a time consuming exercise.

So what is the solution here?
SteemAuto is your answer.


@nairadaddy wrote an amazing post extolling the virtues of Steem Auto and I suggest that you go through his detailed blog post LEARN HOW TO USE "STEEMAUTO" TO MAXIMIZE YOUR REWARDS

I am listing some of the advantages here:

You can follow a set of desired users and choose to upvote them automatically. For instance, I am following @devilonwheels, @himalayanwomb, @lyndsaybowes, and @chaitanya77 on SteemAuto and whenever they post any blog post, I automatically upvote them after 30 minutes. you can even control at what percentage you want to upvote someone

You can control upvote %age, Upvote time

At the same time, I am following @indiaunited's curation trail. So whenever, @indiaunited upvotes a blog post, my account automatically upvotes them at a fixed percentage that I get to decide.

So upvoting and curation trail, both are being taken care by Steem Auto.

However, the major disadvantage is that this makes you lethargic. Earlier, I would personally go to their profiles and read what they've posted and accordingly comment and upvote.

But now upvoting part is there but commenting or interaction part is gone out of the window.

Also, you can automate your claim rewards process so you don't have to manually claim your rewards. Rewards are automatically credited to your wallet as and when they come.

I hope to make amends to it and will spend more and more time commenting on what my friends have been posting on Steemit.


Wonderful post Tarun bhai, great intro to SteemAuto tool. I feel it is better than SteemVoter where you have to get paid membership for upvoting features.

This makes so much sense but i still feel afraid since that will make me cut from the people I follow. I ensure i go thru my feed and comment on articles which I find interesting which gets me interaction + the knowledge from the posts.

Someone doing it automatically will get me $$ but can make me lazy and deprived of those valuable posts. Either ways I'm thinking of giving it a try for a day or two before i decide.

That's absolutely there. But you can always manually go through profiles that you like. Auto Voting is a good option for voting your favorites when you're away from Steemit

I am new at steemit. At my second day I saw a post about steemauto. I asked for suggestion to use it but I didn't have clear idea about steemauto. Thanks for your post. Just got to know about it.

Would be great if you sign up for Steem Auto


Amazing information i love steemauto and use it. Last 2 month

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