New Mermaid Encaustic, with Wire Frame from Recycled Materials

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Yo Steemians...

Here is my newest work...

You can look at the previous post to see it's beginnings. Here, however, I used my drill
with an 1/8 inch bit to drill holes in the sides of the wood, and then stuck wire in them
like this:
...BFF is an electrician, so wire is plentiful - and it is an amazing new addition to my materials...
Will I cover the wire in paper mache to make it look like waves or or keep it the way it is like water reflection? I don't know yet. Stay tuned...

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That wire frame really made a great piece of art amazing :)

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What an amazing creativity, @in2itiveart ! This type of 'framing' is very unique and unusual ! I really like it <3

Hey thanks- necessity is the mother of invention in this case I would say