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Hi there! I’ve been a little bit busy… and by that, I mean that it took me longer than expected to install all the programs that were erased from my laptop. Anyways, you haven’t missed much.

In the past days I’ve been testing the waters with After Effects and Illustrator– it goes without saying that I’m a total failure at both, but we all start off somewhere, am I right?

In the meantime, I got to work digitally once again. Guaranteed, I barely was getting somewhere with my art before the whole laptop fiasco, and these two months without (digitally) practicing have taken toll. I was clumsily messing in Clip Studio for about three hours, until the tablet felt ‘right’ once again. The result? This.


As I’ve stated before, I love designing characters and making AUs and sometimes I just make AUs with my OCs for the heck of it. So, yeah. Hogwarts AU –jazz hands–. I haven’t finished the drawing yet, but I’m liking the way things are faring so far.

Fun fact: this is the first gif I’ve made. I'm surprised it didn't turn out, well, shitty. Go, me!

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Very cute, @airiam :D And the gif looks really nice, too ! For your first time, you're already doing wonders !

Love the pose and the colours :D

I got inspired by idol figurines for the pose, and even though the character's hair is actually ligther I was going for a warm palette so I decided to leave it as is. Glad you liked it.

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My sister and her friends tend to spin off AUs with their characters like nobody's business so you're definitely not alone there XD

Meanwhile I'm not that imaginative though my shadowshifter species seem to end up everywhere

Glad you have the laptop back in order, everything working out all right now? After Effects and Illustrator aren't exactly "entry level" things, and also last time I used Illustrator about a hundred million years ago I swear it was completely different to anything else I'd been using at the time so unless that's changed or you just happen to have the right type of brain for it, it is going to be interesting to pick up XD you'll get there :)

Sketchy turned out good, and gif processes are always cool XD (I really should learn how to make them but I'm so lazy)