Steeman Investigates The North Pole

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From the beginning of existence, both the physical and magnetic North Poles of the Earth haven't been fixed. Their locations had changed based on what was happening physically to the globe.

Changes in the geographical distribution of water and earth on the globe are the main influences to the shift in the poles. The melting ice caps, hence the increase in liquid water in the oceans over the centuries is one thing. The rise of various gigantic cities around the world, such as Chicago, Hong Kong city and Sao Paolo, is another. All these affect the physics of the Earth's spin around its axis.

The magnetic pole is also affected by the redistribution of mass around the planet, but mainly by the movement of the malleable core of the planet. The iron and other ferrous metals moving around in the molten underworld contribute to the gentle migration of the Earth's magnetic poles.

Since the Decepticons started modulating the Earth's magnetoshpere, an unexpected effect had resulted. Not only had the previously gentle migration of the poles been accelerated, the actual direction of migration had changed abruptly, sending it racing towards London, England.

The transmission of Fudtron back to Earth via California caused a ripple effect. A magnetic reverb sent both poles accelerating east, away from the London path. The current locations are somewhere over Scandinavia.

Since Stark's passing, no one is yet trained enough to fly the Ironman suit effectively to investigate this phenomenon. Shuri suggested that Steeman give it a go, since he's the fasted moving entity currently available, able to fly at speeds up to Mac 8. Besides, he was much closer.

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Steeman examined the zone currently marked as the physical location of the North Pole. It shouldn't have moved more than 10 metres since last marked! Steeman can sense the spin of the Earth, hence the axis. It certainly wasn't there.

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There have been multiple reports of very high intensity Aurora Borealis sightings, even in day time, in North-Western Sweden and most of Finland. A bit of panic was starting to ensue, especially because even the elders all say they'd never seen such intensity in the sky before.

A religious sect claimed it was a sign the world was about to come to an end. A bunch of Hollow Earth conspiracy theorist enthusiasts from Rovaniemi, Finland, claimed it was being caused by the green people down under. Residents of Finland are generally convinced that it has something to do with a government top secret experiment, especially since those are very common in Oulu, a city "conveniently" close to the location of the incidents.

Oulu has a disproportionately high number of scientist who are always performing experiments of all sorts, apparently with the enthusiastic consent of the residents of the city. The aurora watchers and photographers over there had also reported an unusual increase in the intensity, and frequency of the lights. Even more strange is the daily occurrence of Aurora STEVE

Both the geographic and magnetic North Poles had almost collided. The location was just on the Finnish coast on the Golf of Bothnia. The nearest city to the new poles was Oulu, a highly technologically advanced town which is relatively secluded from the rest of the country.

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"Something drastic has happened and I'm not quite sure what.", Steeman thought to himself, especially with the increased occurrence of the phenomenon STEVE. He passed on all the data he collected over to Stark Enterprises, Wakanda, NASA, GHCQ and even Dr. Strange for analysis.

All he could do was make his way back to base to assist any way he could. Steeman headed south at Mac 2 over the Finnish airspace, taking in the beautiful white and dark green vistas of the country.

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It had been an unplanned journey. He had been planning on visiting Asia, particularly Malaysia imminently before getting the call from Shuri. That's life. He figured he's check up on a Steemian as he flew over one town with active Steem activity.

If there's one thing Steeman is still yet to learn, it's manners. You know, knocking doors before opening them, asking for permission before zapping through people's phones and computers, not walking through walls into @eveuncovered's place, basic stuff like that.

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.. to be continued :)


Peace and Love ✌🏿


@jang has the full playlist.

Would have to watch this one day with a cup of tea :)

The c_a classified the data in the 40's.
It has been declassified over the last couple years due to pressure of it being true and found by other people.
If you want a jump on the topic, see @jang's weather posts for the full list.

That was an interesting and fun read! By the way, I didn’t know Aurora Borealis was possible in daylight, that must look scary! !trdo

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Thank you :)
The aurora is basically solar radiation bouncing off the magnetic field surrounding the earth. It's visible at night because of the intensity of daylight isn't there.

I know, but I didn’t know it was possible to see it in daylight!

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