FUD And The Age Of Tron

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On December 5, 2005, NASA stopped receiving signals from their spacecraft IMAGE - Imager for Magnetopause-to-Aurora Global Exploration. It had been launched almost six years before, in March 25, 2000 with the mission to study the earth's magnetosphere.

NASA declared the spacecraft missing after several failed attempts to locate a signal from it.

In 2005, the Decepticons had become concerned that IMAGE would disrupt their ongoing plan to invade the earth. Stationed on the dark side of the moon, they used earth's natural satellite to prepare for the invasion. They had set up communications with the decepticons on earth doing the reconnaissance and to obscure their messages from the Autobots, they communicated by modulating the earth's electromagnetic field, rather than use radio waves.

IMAGE picked up these modulated signals and made them available to earth's scientists for the first time. Before they could decipher the signal, the spacecraft was disabled by the decepticons.

NASA launched an investigation in to the missing spacecraft, including some top secrete missions like ZUMA up until 2017. Each time, the decepticons captured and disabled the transmitters. In 2018, Megatron, leader of the decepticons, decided to solve the problem permanently. He retrieved and replicated the IMAGE craft but tuned out the decepticon frequencies from the transmitter to avoid NASA detecting them, and turned the transmissions back on.

Amateur scientists monitoring the sky for messages from ZUMA were the first to detect the "resurrected" IMAGE.

Fast forward to 2020, the war with the Autobots had pushed the Decepticons off the moon, and moved them deeper into space - specifically to the Galilean satellites. These are planet-sized "moons" that orbit the planet Jupiter.

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After weeks of orbit, Fudster had reached satellite velocity around Jupiter. The energy given off by Fudster was significant enough to be picked up by the monitors installed by the Decepticons to detect incoming threats, particularly sentient technological beings like the Autobots.

Megatron himself set out to investigate the anomaly. He was able to digitally interface with Fudster and decipher that they were kindred spirits, so to say. He slowed Fudster to a halt and resuscitated him back on Galilean 1, where the decepticon repair station is.

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"What primitive technology is this?", thought Megatron as he examined Fudster's suit which has no propulsion mechanism and hence is unable to generate acceleration in outer space.

Megatron replaced the logo on Fudster's chest plate with a lamina made of a space rock Megatron has narcissistically coined "Tron", after himself. Ground down to microscopic particles and formed into a breast plate, Tron can generate the required energy to propel Fudster in outer space, as well as many other functions. It most definitely can power all manner of weapons formed out of metallic objects found on Earth. Now initiated as an honorary decepticon, Fudster's name was changed appropriately.

In order to evade Steeman's and Wakanda's consciousness/detectors when re-entering into Earth's atmosphere, Megatron transmitted Fudster via the new IMAGE satellite to Earth. The receiver of choice was in an abandoned equipment storage at the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California because Megatron knew there would be nobody stationed there. Besides, the receiver was assumed obsolete.

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Immediately, Fudtron interfaced with the Steem blockchain and initiated his plan.

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt are back on the Steem blockchain. How will Steeman stop Fudtron? How will he even know he's back?


Peace and Love ✌🏿

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