Townhall Recording From Feb 17, 2019 & Request for Input


A townhall was held in the Steem Alliance discord this past Sunday. This is one in a series which will be held to provide opportunity for members of the community to discuss the project underway to setup a future foundation.

A call for proposals went out and part of the process is these townhalls. Here is the recording:

Request for Input

During the meeting it was asked if it would be possible to provide opportunity for members of the community to express any expectations they have of a future foundation.

Here is your opportunity:

In a SHORT (one or two sentences), concise statement in the comments express any expectation you have for a future foundation. Those doing proposals will be checking and will be considering what you are expressing here.


My expectation of the foundation is for the members to gather and distribute funds to support development, maintenance or promotion of the Steem Blockchain.

Thank you again to the Working Group for all of the energy and effort you are putting into getting this up and running.

I believe the Foundation should just be that a Foundation ( a base ) to filter and vet projects through it and as Whatsup mentioned help distribute funds to support development, maintenance, or promotion of the value adds the Steem blockchain provides.