Official Results Of Foundation Structure Election - "The Merger"

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After a two week long open Community Election, the results have been audited and the community chosen structure proposal is The Merger.

Election Results: The Merger

Screenshot (38).png

Which received consensus 59.94% of the vote and 6M SP of the 12M SP represented in the community election.

You can review full vote history and open audit information HERE

What's Next?

Handover from The Steem Alliance Working Group to the proposal team will begin.

  • This account (@steemalliance) will be transferred to the proposal team so they can continue to use it to communicate with the community in a transparent way.

  • The Steem Alliance Discord Server will be transfered over and reorganized to become the home of the community foundation.

  • The Steem Alliance Working Group Disbands.
    Three of the active WG members (Eonwarped, Llfarms, and Shadowspub) have been asked to integrate into the initial "steering team" to help begin the building process as well as to facilitate a community election for the Leadership Board of the foundation. (Details Here)

At this point, the working group's job is complete and the proposal team will move on to the legality and building phase.

"We are excited to enter a new chapter of collaboration towards achieving progress and moving forward." -The Merger Proposal Team

Please stay tuned for further communication from The Merger team on this account.

Thank You.

What is the Steem Alliance?

The Steem Alliance is an idea of a community coming together to build a foundation with the collective goal of improving Steem as a whole.

The goal of this future foundation is to be the combined “face of the chain”, working alongside additional groups as well as Steemit Inc. to better the Steem platform together. With a main focus on helping to push Steem into the mainstream arena with focus on marketing, upkeep of, development of steemd, outreach and Steem events. Funding would need to be fundraising/profit based but also with large seed from Steemit Inc. itself.

The goal of this Working Group is to oversee the establishment of the future foundation while ensuring transparency, fairness and that the community's voice is heard. Once the foundation is established, Working Group is disbanded.


217 Votes? Are you kidding me?

Or G-d forbid, we wasted our time on a blockchain with 217 conscious aware active users. Or let us call them Early Birds because the real users, latecomers already left the building.

I thought you were done with the FUD 😜

Nearly 500 accounts showed up to vote for this very boring election as well as about 10% of the held Stake (SP minus Steemit Inc.’s stake) that’s pretty good for any election, especially one as technical as this.

I’m sure many more will show up (especially those saying not enough people voted, when they themselves didn’t either) when funding is being discussed 🙂

It'll be a lot of hard work but everyone is motivated and set on getting it done.

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Excited to see how this "Foundation" steer improvements to the steem blockchain and all its community developments.

Anybody have a plan how to mitigate the plummeting price of STEEM?

Anybody have a plan how to mitigate the plummeting price of STEEM?

Set a buy order for 100 million at 10 dollars each, please.

hahaha, but possible.

Good luck your future endevours team!

Cool congrats!

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I hope everything goes well and you guys get something great done.

A lot of time and hard work is certainly paying off with the selection of "The Merger" proposal. Heartfelt thanks to the Working Group and all involved in taking it this far. I look forward to hearing next steps.