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This is the official FINAL call for structure proposals

If you are planning on submitting a proposal on the structure of the future community foundation they must be submitted in the comments below by

Structure Proposals must be submitted in comments by April 5th, 3pm UTC

  • Final Cut off - April 5th, 3pm UTC

  • To be considered a valid Proposal it must be submitted in the comments of THIS POST post BEFORE the cut off time.

  • Only Proposals that are submitted before the cut off time will be included in the election.

NOTE: Anyone can submit a proposal in this final call, but they have to be submitted before the cutoff time to move forward to the election phase.

We will be updating this post to show those proposals that have been submitted. We will also make a post right after the cut off time to officially announce what proposals will be included in the upcoming election April 10th-17th.

Please see this post for more information about the election itself:

Updated Schedule, Extended Voter Registration Deadline and Chosen Voting Method By @steemalliance

Updated Schedule:

April 5th - Final Call For Structure Proposals Cut Off

April 8th - Voter Registration Deadline

April 10th - 17th - Election For Structure Proposals

If you have any questions, please let us know here or in The Steem Alliance Discord Server

Thank You,

The Working Group

Final Proposals Submitted

This will be an updating list. As proposals are submitted in the comments below, we will list them here, until the cut off time of April 5th 3pm UTC.

"Steem United" By @jackmiller

"DeCentraSteem" By @impactn

"The Merger" By @shadowspub

(A collaboration of multiple previously discussed structure proposals)

"Decentralized Steem Incubator" By @alexvan

People Survive By Supporting Each Other By @thehive

Foundation Structure Proposal By @upheaver

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Foundation Structure Proposal by @upheaver

The goal of this proposal is to create and grow a sustainable ecosystem around Steem blockchain and to make Steem the leading blockchain for decentralized apps and communities worldwide.

The proposal features a robust fiat based management structure, fundraising through corporate and individual membership fees, various types of funding activities and on-chain advisory role for Steem community.


This is great. Makes it a vote between clearly distinct proposals. Thanks for merging.

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My idea is one account to feed 13, Each of those 13 accounts are categorized. Accounting, chain investment, curating, charity 13 different titles. These account are managed by employed staff eventually.
The in turn perform the duties of promoting Posts. or projects. helping to boost their ability to work on the platform. Some of which consume our power from the growth we gain from the investment made. Each account can support another 13 account under it.

A total of 169 different projects which can be supported.

More if tiers are added.