STEEM UNITED - "The Separation of Powers" by @jackmiller

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In this presentation I address the topic of a separation of powers.

Without going into all the potential issues that an overlapping of "powers" and "responsibilities" could have, the main thing that we have to concentrate on is the good standing of Steem.

Any potential suggestion or hint of a conflict of interests is definitely going to result in negativity, so the best cure is prevention.
Likewise the goal of this endeavour is to decentralize the powers, not to give more power to those who already hold all the power.

So it is all rather straight forwards as far as common sense and logic go.

Here it is on Youtube:

& here it is on Dtube:

For those among you who are still not up to date with this endeavour, here is a link to my INTRO to STEEM UNITED.

STEEM UNITED 1.0 - "INTRO" (Video) by @jackmiller - witness

You will find the download link for the proposal, and please watch/listen to the vlog and get familiar with what is happening and what STEEM UNITED has to offer to Steem and to all us Steemians.


Thanks for your time.


Yours truly

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