STEEM UNITED 1.0 - "INTRO" (Video) by @jackmiller - witness

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At yesterdays Town Hall meeting, it was suggested that we could consider using video as a means of relaying our messages across.

Personally I am not one for vlogging, however, this is too important not to do whatever needs to be done so as to ensure we all pitch in 110% to make this happen.

The proposal itself can be downloaded off my personal website:

The video below is a short intro into the proposal, hope it gets you interested and willing to pitch into this endeavour that we Steemians are embarking on.

Here it is on Youtube:

For all of us who prefer Dtube, here it is:

Here is a link to the original announcement post:

PROPOSAL "STEEM UNITED" 1.0 by @jackmiller (witness)

Again, I hope that you read through my first submission and come back with some constructive feedback.

Look froward to hearing from you.

Yours truly

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Had to change my vote for this post to 100%!

Absolutely Outstanding

A very motivational, and uplifting VLOG. It is, without a doubt, the best thing I have seen since the concept of the Steem Alliance Foundation has been implemented and, subsequently; The Foundation becoming a part of the daily STEEM Community conversation.

I do hope you do not mind that I took liberties in using your logo on the image included with this comment.


That's one hell of a flag for one hell of a proposal👍

hi Jack as an update to your proposal you should change one of the tags to foundationproposal so it will get picked up and moved to the channel


TY for the advice.

Much appreciated.

Thank you so much for participating in the Partiko Delegation Plan Round 1! We really appreciate your support! As part of the delegation benefits, we just gave you a 3.00% upvote! Together, let’s change the world!

YOU ARE Brilliant!!!




This is an official document.
I don't use the word Brilliant lightly here.
your video presentation is spot on.

This sounds like a decent plan for which to strive, but I foresee a large amount of resistance from some high stakeholders, as this would be changing their status quo.


Resistance from those that want full and total and utter control over everything,


You are right. From those that want it all for themselves, there will be a lot of resistance.

Based upon the behavior of some who, I would have to agree with you.

However, there is always the hope that more Steemians want to see Steem succeed and not just a few individuals.

We'll see, hopefully the community, us Steemians that is, show our power in unity and use common sense and a sense for common good instead of what we have seen to date.

This is an opportunity to help Steem grow, to decentralize some of the most important aspects of Steem without touching on the "powers" out there. This will not affect their ability to make money, in fact it should help EVERYONE make more wealth and result in a much more valuable Steem for all of us!

I love that "it's by the people for the people"
Love even more "We can make Steem The Dream"

I read your proposal and was severely disturbed by this line used over and over:

"Same applies to us, but without all the usual “government imposed” red tape of a classical foundation! "

This red tape you talk about is regulatory guide rails to prevent abuse and increase visibility.

Otherwise you could end up with a Trump foundation.

I have dealt with a couple family owned private foundations and they are rife playgrounds for abuse.

I would rather have a non profit corp. with vested voting private shares which attach to the owners of the crypto...

There could easily be steering committees.

I just am vary wary that you think a foundation is such easy-peasy and that you can just eschew regulations when steemit is a nys corp.

Just my 2 cents


I put the comparison chart of why I suggest a registered company as the way to go instead of a "classical foundation".

Part of what you said in some way confirms what I was/am stating, and that is how a "classical foundation" limits this endeavour in so many ways, that it becomes a "red tape" nightmare.

Not to mention that the goal here is decentralization and in doing so giving the auditing powers to the entire community and not to some "government establishment" which has only one goal in mind:

Fill the government budget where ever possible.

Thanks for bringing that up, I obviously need to make it clearer as to why we need to think out of the box when it comes to decentralization of Steem and giving more authority and responsibility to Steemians (the community).

Appreciate it, notes taken.