Day 9 - Steem Advent Calendar 2018, Win prize everyday! 🎄🎁

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It's a ninth day, everyone... Great to see engagement and participation!

Days 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 participation are CLOSED now!

Winners will be selected soon and prize will be sent out right after post payout! Go ahead and vote your favorite comments on yesterday's challenge to give them more chance of winning and spread some joy.

Moving on to today's challenge...

Challenge #9

What's your wishes to all Steemians this Christmas and New Year?


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Leave your creative wishes in the comments section below and 3 best authors comments will get 100% of this post reward (50%, 30%, 20% respectively).

Advent calendar will be published everyday, previous day challenge will be closed when next day's challenge post is published, rewards will be powered up to winners!

Good Luck

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Thank you for participating!

Happy Holidays!

PS. Don't forget to upvote comments below, do good deed and share with others during these wonderful season of holidays…

PPS. Prize will be powered up to winners...

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My Wishes to Steemians in Christmas and New Year as follows:

  1. Christmas comes with PEACE, I wish all steemians PEACE. Peace is the state whereby one can find comfort and rest even in the face of challenges. Just as the price of Steem is a piercing wound to many steemians who might have invested when the prices were high, I am pretty sure that some of them are going through emotional scours and I pray that they have PEACE.

  2. Christmas comes with LOVE. My wish to steemians in the Christmas season is that they may obtain and share love to as many as possible.

  3. As we are very hopeful about the New Year, I wish all steemian a year full of hope and innovation. May we steem to the moon and may the hopes of SMTs no more be dashed.

Thanks to @esteemapp for sharing this cool moments.
I wish all steemian and beautiful Christmas and a Splendid New Year!

I wish all steemians health and happiness and to have fun. Most important - not to be troubled what the price of steem will be. 😉

Dear all ))))
I wish to everyone magnificent winter , colorful spring, cheerful summer and fruitful autumn ))) enjoy every day of your beautiful life !!!
Many kisses to you 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘





I wish peace on earth for everyone, everywhere! And I hope this month full of holidays is joyful for everyone

My wishes to all Steemians this Christmas ans New Year:

  • That Every Steemian may see the beauty of STEEM beyond its price;
  • That Every Stemian may see the future and sustainability of STEEM blockchain, as such, see the need to invest in it;
  • That the Value of STEEM and SBD will no further fall as to give all Steemians joy throughout this season;
  • That all Steemians may see the need to tell others about STEEM and the prevailing opportunites;
  • That all steemians may find health joy and peace of mind;
  • That all steemians may share love as they have received from STEEM;
  • That all whales will wake up and find reasons to support planktons and minnows as a way of celerating this season with them;
  • That we'll all see STEEM rise in value to $10 and beyond...


I love the last on the list..It will come true!
Merry Xmas!!

Hope all Steemians will get huge profits next year

It is my hope that the Steemit application will continue to grow and remain at the forefront so that it can beat Twitter users and Facebook

Mr. @good-karma, I just hope that if Steem continues to survive, if it is possible, the price of Sbd and Steem will increase slightly. From the current price, that is my biggest hope for Christmas and New Year.

Whatever happens in Steemit, I only expect the best for application users so that they are not disappointed by what they get

Steemit is a truly global and quite a few of the Steemians come from countries that are on the brink of war. I wish them all a safe christmas and hope they have a very happy and peaceful one. And the price of steem to go back up so that no-one is worried .

To think of others before themselves. X

I have some wishes, it's hard to say just one to all steemian.

  1. I hope all esteemian wishes that Steem will increase and be realized in 2019.
  2. If the above wishes have not been realized, then my hope is that a community that has been formed such as esteem and esteem university and classes program still solid and support each other.
  3. Every post of good content increases.
  4. Last but not least is steemian always in good, still health and under blessing of God.

Thanks @esteemapp. Done for day 9.

My hope is that in the new year, Steem Blockchain will have a brighter future. I can help my colleagues.
The bitter feeling I felt was not felt by my friend. The sweetness that I feel can hopefully be felt by my friend.
Regards @p3d1

I wish STEEM to the moon😁😁

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wishes all steemians can have a great journey in steemit and hopefully they have a better life too

I have two wishes to all Steemians this Christmas and New Year..

1st, I wish you all the best happiness in your lives!
And second,
Keep on Steemingand let's bring Steem to the Moon all together!

I wish that all Steemians will be able to celebrate Christmas and New year with their friends, family and loved ones.

I wish all Steemians to have super awesome health; physically, mentally and emotionally, so that Steemians still be full of joy swimming here, creating awesome content, keep participating in this advent @esteemapp content. And that all Steemians will have their wishes fulfilled this year. Also, all Steemians to see Steem prize increases in the New Year. 😊🏆

I wish to all steem members happy chrismas and goodness with soulfull wishes and happy new year

I wish the minnow Steemians will be able to accumulate enough power and resource credits so that they can continue to engage

My wishes to all #steemians this Christmas and New Year?
I wish all of us that may spend our time meaningfully to our beloved family ,the people who close our heart ,and for those my #esteemians friends ,all steemians here hope that our charm friendship and being a family here never fades 'til the end..hope all of us are happy and good health always....continue our journey here,Lets enjoy and never give up...

Thank you so much @esteemapp 😊💟

I would like to wish Steemians a very marry Christmas and happy New Year. We are all going to be rich, but money isn't everything!

Be Healthy :)

I wish all steemians a merry christmas and a happy new year and to not lose faith and conitnue to use the plaform and help it grow in leaps and bounds in 2019 and beyond

I wish to all steemians (from plankton to whales), their family and friends health and everything they need. Don't think about the crypto berserk for some days and enjoy the christmas time a little. 2019 can only get better!

Well of course we all want to see the price of steem do go to the moon and beyond. But for most of us that is something what we cannot control.

Therefor I do hope that all steemians can find a community on the steem blockchain where they do find their selves at home! Something like the old tv soap Cheers, where everybody knows your name and not your handle!

Besides that I do hope that all will get discovered by some bigger account. The upvotes of those bigger accounts is the best motivation people get, to keep on posting and engaging!


Steem and sbd to the moon...
Peace be upon all steemians and the whole world
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To fellow steemians I wish for them to spend their time with loved ones, because at the end it's what really matter... and of course more Steem Power - it's not so bad to have more :)

My wish to all Steemians this Christmas and New Year is the same wish I have for all people every single day of my life.

I wish they, and their loved ones are not overweight, and do not suffer from obesity and its horrible effects. It they do suffer now, I wish they will adopt healthy habits and lose weight naturally like I did seven years ago.

I know that not every single person in the world is obese, overweight, or loves someone who is. But 80% of Americans are obese or overweight, and the numbers are rising in most countries.

I hope everyone will hang on this bear market .
And they can start new year what good news.

Health and inspiration for great content. All the other will follow ;)

My wish is I would have lots of Steem anyhow and second wish is my business grow drastically.

I wish everyone peace and calm

Hello to all Steemians, 😀

Here are my wishes to us all:

  1. Have a happy, joyful, memorable and meaningful Christmas and New Year celebrations with our love ones, family, friends, relatives and colleagues.
  2. Have a happy godchildren as they receive their gifts from us.
  3. Have a healthy and peaceful life.
  4. Have a reconciliation to those we have hurt. May love prosper than anger.
  5. Eat in moderation this holiday seasons. (I think I can't do it. 😀)
  6. Keep on happy Steeming. And never give up.
  7. High price for Steem and SBD. Steem to the Moon!
  8. And lastly, I wish all our wishes will do come true.

Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year to us all!

Best wishes and kind regards,


P.S. Thank you @esteemapp for giving us a chance to share our wishes for all Steemians. 😀😘

i will do charity and visit an orphanage and give compensation to orphans @esteemapp

Stay in good health, peace and prosperity. And keep on steeming!!!

we wish you a merry Christmas and an unforgettable New Year, with a lot eSteem in your family, friends and followers, to always follow the bright comet of goof quality content, to engage with fascinating people, to upvote who deserve it because brings something creative, to feel the joy when others write you a comment appreciating your content, keep your heart open to let in new friends and your eyes to the moon, one day we will be there xxx ooo

Happy day @esteemapp.
I wish that all the Steemians work for this platform to be the best in the world and that way we can all have better results. I also wish many blessings and props for all and their families.

I hope all the Steemians will be happy again as of the end of last year and happier this Christmas. especially the price of Steem can go to the month and match the price of Bitcoin.

I wish all the Steemians a Happy fun Christmas Holidays.
I wish Steem will have a boom up soon so all the Steemians can enjoy the fun of writing and earn at the same time!
Happy Holidays everyone!