bugs, bugs everywhere

Make sure you have updated to latest version 2.0.2 and you have logged out and login again! Steemconnection issue has been solved on latest release. Let me know if you see this even after relogin

Updated. Now I just cant post or comment anything.
Forever-loading mode.

SDK error - это была ошибка стимконнекта, нужно перелогиниться

My favorite moto for steemit will be changing lives through quality contents.

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My favorite moto is- Comment Comment Comment!

It is what I tell anyone who is trying to make their account grow!

Of course!

I agree, it's the best way to grow and connect!

You made me laugh! Well, of course you agree, the King of Comments! All of us should take lessons from you!

lol. yeah what else was I going to say? I don't know about taking lessons from me though, they'd learn alot more from you anyday! Hey, I don't know when they're shutting our internet connection off so if I stop commenting tonight that's why! lol. Tonight may be one of the nights.

If you go dark, I'll know why! Have you entered any Advent Contests yet? The prizes are great! Thanks for the vote on my entry!

I keep forgetting about the advent contest, what are the prizes? you're welcome about the vote, I keep forgetting to vote on that each day too! lol.

So far it has been 5 steem for 1st, 4 for 2nd, and 3 for 3rd. You should be entering!

I'm back online, it went out last night and then was off this morning and I had to go somewhere anyway, just got back online, way behind for me. Everytime I read one of their questions i have no idea what to say and the answers from other people look so good that I really have nothing to say after I read them! lol.

Good advice, it pays off!

It does. Doesn't it?

"To live the dream, post with eSteem" -futuremind

Flagging abuse is curation too!

Very easy this 1.

"you come for the rewards, you stay for the community"

As past of #steemsilvergold I couldn't imagine ever going back to any other platform.

Well that's how we grow together.

That's spot on. It's the idiology behind all the communities I'm a part of here on Steemit.

This is a real challenge. Time has shown us that not so many users can accept it and stay.

For me ... The Best Steem is eSteem!

Perfect! I like that one and agree 💯%

Thank you, Melinda!

Blog, comment, upvote, resteem and keep steeming on my dear eSteemers. 🐬


especially valid these days, when steem is so low...

Before the presence of Steem Blockchain, whatever we shared on social media was nothing.

Social media users are actually dragged down by the massive data flow that actually benefits the business market.

How many of us have felt to be something in Steem blockchain? I myself acknowledge that in Steemit we can be important people who build communities, and are given the trust to build together our future. Isn't that fun? Together building a future with Steem Blockchain?


So it is true that the Steemit motto: From nothing to be something.

We can start with blogging,
we can start with vlogging
we can start by drawing
we can start with the excitement of traveling!

And, eSteem is one of the best gateway to make you something on Steem blockchain.

If you can dream it, you can Steem it!

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Steemit: Facebook's Nightmare.
Steem: Sorry Fiat
eSteem: Steem's Horsepower

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eSteem: Steem's Horsepower

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eSteem changed my life and I continue to do it for a long time. This seemed like a dream and it's a reality... Let's continue making life here in eSteem🔝🔝🔝

Eat, sleep, steem, repeat!

You can not give a value to time,
but for some Steem
maybe I can arrange something...

Humanity invented the paper sheet
to write history,
but history has as many versions
as many writers write it,
Steemit invented the digital sheet
to write everyone's personal story,
and no one can change it,
but everybody can share it.
Think-IT , Write-IT, Share-IT: SteemIT!

To trust is good,
to not trust is better,
but to have eSteem is the best

My favorite motto is: steemit, although I would like steemers!

wake up together, get up together, and achieve mutual success in steem, steemit, and eSteem

My motto was steemit will grow like esteem my luck
Everyone having good profit and daily upvote system.

For me,,,

"A platform that rewards brain value"

Come for the blogging, stay for the friends. Great contest!

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Especially when the naysayers are nagging in the peripheral,

Just Keep Swimming

Steemit; the antidote to Facebook.

Dream it, visualize it, esteem it

Keep on Happy eSteeming! 😀😀

That is what make me feels every time I am using eSteem. 😀 I do love it! 💖

STEEM ON ... but maybe that's getting tired



Hi @esteemapp this is the motto that I have used since I was in junior high school until now the motto is still in use

Be the best from the best cause esteem is the best..

Create content if you are a small fish, curate content if you are a big fish... Because sharing is caring:)))

Earning cryto online is nolonger a dream when you're using eSteem

This my entry:

Success ... STEEMIT

It's really a great idea to connect and grow. Top !!!!