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Steem Christmas Advent Calendar where you can earn rewards everyday until Christmas!

It is day 1 everyone....


Challenge #1

What do you like most about Blockchains?

Leave your creativity answers in comment section below and 3 best answers get 100% of this post reward (50%, 30%, 20% respectively).

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Thank you for participating!

Happy Holidays!

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I will have been on the blockchain a yr. in January and enjoyed the wonderful caring people I have connected with from all over the world. It has opened my eyes to a better understanding of crypto currency and more coins than just bitcoin. 😊 ..I still have a long way to go on that but find it fascinating and It’s great to be part of it.
Seasons Greeting to @good-karma and the eSteem team.

Blockchain technology has many advantages but some of their features that really are appealing would be: transparency, immutability and the fact that users are somehow empowered.
All transactions are publicly viewable hence the transparency and cannot be modified or deleted (immutable). Also, the fact that I can control all my information and transactions it is great.
The safety of the data is also a big pro for blockchains. 🙂

The Blockchain will ruin Facebook and Instagram. Can't wait!

Blockchains remove central control, if properly implemented, and give an audit trail that nobody can mess with. That said, they are not the answer to every problem.

Because the blockchain is transparent and secure, it is trustworthy and will prevent fraud. Also, it is fast!

What I like about the blockchain is steem this people a whole community the meetings like the alldutch meeting in Rotterdam.
I like the way I... me not a bank me buying a tradebot and trading automatically
When you get a financial problem no one can take your money from you if you have it in a wallet. No one...
With the blockchain Within a few seconds you get your money from America to Australia.

But the most important thing of all a blockchain is in case of a war or disaster the most secure tool to survive the blackout. There will be always somewhere in the world 'btc in space' running an instance. A bank or library can get lost.

  ·  last year (edited)

Transparency. I like it the most because it gives me the possibility to check things and learn.
Steemit is my first Blockchain based platform and when you're new and English is not your first language, you have a lot to learn.
It helped a lot that I was able to find my old friends from another platform but also helped to learn the financial side which is essential here if you want to grow.

P.S. Thank you very much @good-karma for paying attention to users especially this nice period of the year! Keep it up and steem on! ☃️

  ·  last year (edited)

I like blockchain because of all the possibilities it brings us, what started out as a simply way to solve the double spend problem has now turned into a way to create financial sovereignty, it’s given a way to communities to fund their own projects without 3rd party involvement, it’s given us the concept of open systems and driven sharing through open source tech!

Blockchain is now being applied to so much more than just moving money or value around, but offering us interesting ways to combine resources in AI, IOT, cloud storage and so much more! We’ve literally only scratched the surface of what this technology can do

  ·  last year (edited)

What I like most about blockchain is the immutable distributed ledger. This advancement in database technology allows us to create things like Bitcoin and the new "internet of money" as Andreas Antonopolous likes to say.

Not only is blockchain useful for money, it also has a myriad of other use cases in many different industries. Blockchain can be very useful in the transportation/logistics business for tracking goods, shipments, etc. Blockchain could also become useful in the healthcare industry storing patients records in an easily accessible database. This could be extremely useful in emergency situations and when you see a new doctor. It can also be used for lending using smart contracts, gambling, private transactions, and so on. I could go on forever but I don't want to write a paper. :P

I could go on and on. The main point is blockchain is here and it is here to stay. It is a disruptive technology that is still in it's infancy. The technology has the potential to improve our lives. It can remove "middle-men" in a lot of industries especially in the financial industry by allowing you to keep a bank in your wallet and even in your head if you can remember your passphrase.

Great comment! I learned things! 😏

Haha, thank you! If there's any questions you have, I'd be happy to help answer them for ya.

I don't think that I do, but that is a good offer and I'll keep it in mind for future questions that I am certain will come up!

I like Blockchain, Instant, Safe, Efficient and Transparent.

All transactions and data storage are guaranteed to be safe because they are replicated throughout the blockchain network so that to change one data, the hacker must also change the same data on all other user's computers at the same time. This is very impossible to do. With Blockchain, we no longer need to depend on one server because all transactions are replicated throughout the network so that we avoid various forms of fraud because of modified data, server down, or hacked accounts.

I like blockchain because it has the ability to improve the current financial system and in the process provide interesting opportunities for people like myself. On a personal note it is has provided opportunity for me as a photographer both in sharing my work on Steem, but also creating work like the photo above that can be licensed by tech companies wanting to promote their products.

What I like most about Blockchain is that it surges creativity among users. Since blockchain, such as #steem is decentralized, it allows users to have full control of their activities which is directly proportional to their rewards (whether monetary or non-monetary), and this becomes a booster and catalyst for creativity and optimum productivity of the user. For me, getting to be a part of the blockchain has redefined my creative abilities.

Being in the blockchain has been wonderful. I discovered this world more than a year ago and it made me so happy that I have shared it with family and friends. What I liked most about the blockchain is that it has allowed us to meet people from many parts of the world, I like that it allows development and innovation and I also believe that the blockchain will bring a better future for the planet.

Happy Holidays @good-karma, and thanks for these fun and enjoyable challenges.

Black Chain Technology offers more Transparency in this Platform. Means Every one can see all our Transactions Publicly and offer more secure, Realtime, Accurate Transactions.

This is best thing in blackchain.

And it offers Freedom to Write anything as you need.

Blockchain resembles nature - it’s like a huge network of trees that nurtures and supports itself and keeps out bugs and viruses for everyone in the system, without one single tree being in charge and having all the power.
Blockchain helps humanity to go back to living more in line with nature and according to natural laws. Centralisation is unnatural.

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Ever since Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin in 2009, the new blockchain technology has been growing from local to mainstream with a wide range of use-cases. However, despite the increasing growth of blockchain technology, some people still don't have full trust in its existence. This will lead me to discuss what I like most about blockchain. What I like most about blockchains are the stated below:

  1. Disintermediation: One of the major features of blockchain is that it is decentralized and trustless. This means that you do not need a large central server for your data to be saved. Due to this, there can be successful transfer or sharing of data without the need for any intermediary to validate or authorize it.

  2. Low Cost of Transactions: Since no intermediaries are required in the sharing of data, the overhead costs for the exchange of assets are removed. Thus, there is high potential that the cost of transactions will be greatly reduced by blockchain.

  3. Transparency: Another thing I like about blockchain is that; As a developer, I can successfully track, fathom, audit and put up suggestions in the improvements of this blockchains.

  4. Security: Even though blockchain is still facing some security crisis, It is still a new technology which possesses a high level of security in transactions carried out on blockchain technology compared to other traditional methods.

  5. Anonymization: I also like blockchains simply because all of my identities, credentials and assets have a very low probability of getting deanonymized by third parties or hackers.

  6. Faster Speed of Transactions: Transactions done on the blockchain network are much more faster than bank transaction ( such as wire transfers) which usually take several days to go through

  7. Store of Value: Another thing I like about blockchains is that; it can serve as an efficient and effective way to store value since it possess some good numbers of gold features.

You really did justice to this ...Weldon, I wish you best of luck

"Blockchain is a revolution, which securely provides the Freedom and Independence and powered up by the participation.
The best thing you are what you want to."

Thanks @esteemapp and @good-karma for coming up with this year advent calender. The most awaited event on Steem Blockchain👍

For the promise of decentralized empowerment to so many around the world that are left out of the traditional capitalist economy, to give voice to the disenfranchised, and to celebrate independence, liberty, and authenticity. Peace

  ·  last year (edited)

What I like from blockchain ? The reason for me is clear, because this technology forming an ecosystem that enables financial institutions to operate and transact at a cheaper and more efficient level now and next future. This is my anwers. Thanks @esteemapp.

The part of the blockchain I like is the idea of decentralization and the fact that a lot of interesting and innovative projects can be run on the blockchain making it reliable and self -sustaining.

hi @esteemapp after I joined steemit on deseber 2017, I gradually learned to be able to understand the world of blockhain, and in my opinion with the world of blockhain
1.With my entry in steemit, I can find out that the blockchain world is really interesting and encourages me to know more about it

2.With the blockhain I can show all my abilities in this blockhain world

3.With the blockhain I can get money little by little as an extra pocket money to my child😊




Frankly, I knew the word of Blockchain from Steemit since I joined the platform on August 2017. I learned much more informations on Blockchain from Steemit and I knew so many Blockchain Masters as well. For me, Steem Blockchain is amazing and motivated me to know much more on advantages of blockchain technology.

These 5 reasons I like most about blockchain

  1. Blockchain is a new technology in the world.

  2. Blockchain can reduce the corruption because the system is transparent.

  3. Blockchain will help people to solve the problems in daily activities. There are so many ways proposed by the technology.

  4. Blockchain will make a better world for people because it can reduce the poverty.

  5. Blockchain can be a new hope for people to earn more money. People can invest their money in blockchain technology because there are a lot of cryptocurrencies provided by blockchain technology.

Blockchains, in a social sense, make participants think before interacting with it - there's no taking back or erasing. It's about saying what you mean and meaning what you say.

Because this is permanent.

I like blockchain. because blockchain can change the quality of my life..

Everyone who is here know the value and power of this wonderful platform,
so in simple words (IMO) -
Internet : future of the late 20th century.
Blockchain : future of the late 21st century.

HAIL Blockchain!

In block chain whatever we done it will be transparent. So if we done any cheating we will be chatched soon 😂🤣

Hello @esteemapp, the best of the blockchain:

  1. Security and confidence
  2. You have the opportunity to make your publications online directly.
  3. The opportunity to develop as bloggers.
  4. Transactions are transparent, because there is a record book that can not be altered.
  5. publish, desire, everything transparent.

The possibility of creating your own kingdom, government.

What I like most about this technology is the fact that we have the freedom to create and obtain financial resources that help us to have financial independence, knowing that these resources are not controlled by any governmental entity, nor is it subject to the great economic powers of the world. and it is available to anyone. In the particular case of steemit, being able to contribute with this chain of blocks through the creation of content and be able to be economically benefited is something surprising and without presedentes in the world. That's why I'm fascinated with this technology.

Blockchains give you freedom, the chance to change your life, apply your knowledge and skills to become a part of something that perhaps will change the World in the nearest future... to be in touch with the whole world without feeling the boundaries... or just to share your PC resources with someone who needs it, and be rewarded for that.

I like blockchain because I can see the world in a different way

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Hi eSteemapp.. . Thanks For this challenge

Blockchain is a technology whose development is very rapid and sophisticated. As we have seen, blockchain can be implemented in various fields of human life. Starting from the financial sector to the humanitarian field.

Blockchain is a phenomenal technology in the 20th century. The technology that started from Crypto has now penetrated all areas of life, and its implementation has begun to be felt by the community, such as:

  1. Finance
  2. Start up field
  3. Field of Humanity (Charity and Social Activities)
  4. Legal Affairs
  5. Agriculture
  6. Health (Hospital and Laboratory)
  7. Population, such as civil registration, birth certificate, land certificate as practiced by the Bitnation platform.

There are many more benefits from this technology that will be implemented to help human life become better.

The thing I like the most about blockchains is that they are unforgeable. Once something is published on the blockchain, it's there for the world to see, and there is no way anyone can go back on their word.

This has some amazing real-world applications, and we've all seen some of the cool things you can do with smart contracts. However, I believe this aspect of the blockchain has a much bigger potential than it is currently using, and imagine when smart contracts will be used by people who sell and buy real-life goods online. In this scenario a blockchain could be used to send the funds to the seller, but also make it so that these are locked in a smart contract until either the seller, or even the mail delivery service, opts to release it once the package it delivered.

In other words, the blockchain could potentially be a substitute for trust when doing a deal with someone, since you both post immutable transactions on the blockchain. And since it's transparent, anyone can go and look at the agreement and verify it.

And this does not just apply to trade between two people; organizations could use this to make public, unforgeable contracts, or manufactorers could use to to make unforgeable product supply data where each part of the process is stored on the blockchain and read by people who end up as users of the product. This latter example could help prevent things like slave or child labor, since people would be able to trust the information about the origin of the product, and no one wants to buy products from manufacturers who are known to use these types of labor.

So I think this part of the blockchain technology has a lot more potential than most people seem to think, and we will likely see more of this type of smart contracts in the future.

That said, there are also lots of other good things about the blockchain technology beside it being unforgeable, but I guess it will be up to other users to showcase these ;)

Biaya rendah, kecepatan transaksi, transparansi

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One important thing I like about blockchain is it empowers those who are not "included". Those who do not have access to financial services because they can't comply with too many requirements and regulations. Blockchain puts the power back to these people.

blockchain can give the solution, all that already
know this crypto, just this simple comment, @esteemapp,😊

I like it transparency and reliability.

Blockchain investments may not be paying massive returns in short term,
but they are give you good growth in future.

What I like most about blockchain is they could be the best digital tool for sharing peer to peer since the internet. They allow us to do things while having global consensus that simply weren’t possible not too long ago. For the first time in history, we have the ability to take back our economic and creative power and truly own both. Love it (:

I like that they are decentralized and therefore virtually impossible to track.

Blockchain solves a number of serious problems facing humanity and gives a chance for survival!

  ·  last year (edited)

Hello, what I like the most is that I can share with other people from different cultures, and I learn something new every day and in these months I have grown personally and that fills me with joy.

Good morning !

What do I like most about blockchain?

Because blockchain technology is not just an ordinary data storage system.

Why did I say that?

Because, the data embedded on the blockchain is almost impossible to change. And to change it, there must be 51% approval of the blockchain platform and is transparent.

That's what makes blockchain so amazing and continues to be talked about by various parties.

Thank you!

Black Horse!

I like blockchains because they provide trustless data-keeping, eliminating the bookkeeper which can be seen as a point of failure.

The ability of the blocked the blockchain to liberate, been a decentralised platform, it's power to give freedom and breaks the power that be by bringing it fully into the hands of the common man.

I love blockchain because its the only solution that helps usher in a new age.

Not dispute option like paypal this is best feature in blockchain.

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Blockchain distributes information in a way that never had been imagine by us before. We can share information specifically to parties that have interest with certain censorship (due to some sensitive information, like personal ID and home address) without compromising our own interest. Compared to the social media now, we exposed ourselves fully and have not much control over our personal information. It is either fully public or restricted to yourself (no point on putting up there). With this way, we can trade assets in a whole new level while keeping ourselves anonymous but as a legit entity, the buyers also will have the confidence to trade.

@good-karma Looks like the first prizes should be payed out tonight. So we still have time to prepare the draft :P