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Day 2 - Steem Advent Calendar 2018, Win prize everyday! 🎄🎁

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Name 3 best things about Steem:

1. Magic Coins

Major milestone Steem Blockchain

Steem is a type of crypto currency that I know besides Bitcoin. Steem is a magic coin that brings to a new world for me.

Why is Steem a magic coin?

Steem is not only worth the currency, but also helps many users exceed their own limits to change better, have capabilities beyond their limits so far. What a miraculous thing that can be done by Steem. Because, making changes and upgrading themselves is very difficult, but with Steem, Steemit users are trying to change their abilities better to get maximum rewards.

Not only was there enough, Steem used the magic elements to create many interesting ideas. Look at how many amazing works are created in the Blockchain system. In fact, many applications built on Steem Blockchain grow from the ideas of users in Steemit. How magical it is!

2. Changing Hobbies To Income

It is the dream of all people today to make their hobbies become something that produces, so as to make a hobby as their main job. In Blockchain, all of that can be real! Only with your hobby, is created creative content that is rewarded with high rewards. In fact, works of art that have been in the real world have been difficult to appreciate, now in Blockchain systems can be appreciated.

3. A connecting gate

This point is the most important. Steem is the connecting gate that creates a connection to the entire world without limits, and in a free way.

We can see the various beautiful and unique sides of the world out there through the great hands of creator content on the Blockchain system, which automatically also makes the Steem community grow bigger, and maintain the mining productivity of Steem.

It is also a gateway that allows users to experience the sensation of various great applications connected with Steem.

Steem, the gate of the future. And the key is our decision to be with Steem.

Stand by Steem

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