Man of Medan, interactive terror

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Without wanting to tell you more about the account because the surprise factor is important in Man of Medan, the story puts us in the shoes of a group of young people who are on vacation in the South Pacific to go scuba diving, and who will end up kidnapped by whims of fate in a terrifying abandoned ship of World War II, which hides a few mysteries.

The Conservative, our guide in the anthology The Dark Pictures

Initially the anthology of horror games The Dark Pictures will consist of eight titles, which will arrive at a rate of one every six months or so. Each of these adventures will have its own characters, history and setting, and will be based on different cinematic subgenres of terror, but there will be a link between all of them: the Conservative. This mysterious character is a link between the stories and the player, will be our guide throughout the anthology, and will give us clues, will try to confuse us and above all will give us a break at specific moments in history, before Resume the action. It is a resource that already used 'Until Dawn', and the truth is that it works really well.

What is most shining without a doubt Man of Medan is in the whole network of actions and decisions that have an impact on the events of history, and that this time being a shorter experience they are even more visible and impactful, and just play a second or third game to see how much things can change, and see - or stop watching - many different scenes and moments.

Any of the five protagonists can die at any time, and in fact there are achievements and trophies that invite you to achieve different milestones, such as that everyone dies, that everyone survives, or that only the chichas or the boys die, something that we have found quite fun

In addition to some playable detail, such as a new type of QTE or the option to remain silent in the dialogues, the greatest novelties are its multiplayer modes, both local up to five players and cooperative for two over the internet, both proposals being completely different.

In Joint History we can play cooperative adventure with a friend through the internet, controlling each one character at a time, either in the same scene or in parallel situations, in which you are not seeing what the other person is doing.


Hardware of Man of Medan

Visually Man of Medan is a real past, polishing and even improving what has already been seen in Until Dawn, and by the modeling, animations and facial expressions of the characters, along with scenes full of details and great lighting, moments are achieved in the which is photorealistic, without exaggeration.

This is accompanied by good taste when placing the cameras that follow the action, something that has reminded us of the most classic survival horror, and it is true that they can generate some problems for not knowing well where you have to go or when the new camera angle will be activated - it also helps the peculiar mobility of the characters, very rigid - but compensates for the spectacular they provide and help to immerse themselves in the cinematic experience.

Man of Medan is just what I expected, a smaller Until Dawn, with the same quality and production values, and just as fun and satisfying for any horror movie lover. As that is a unique proposal, there is nothing like it in the market, and this is already a value in itself, in addition to the quality it treasures in all its sections. We would have liked a narrative a little more careful and bright, and their technical problems have weighed the experience more than desirable, but in any case if you like this type of adventures based on decisions and you are fans of horror movies, It is impossible that you do not go to enjoy it.

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