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We are happy to announce our 2nd Next Colony contest! Join in and win amazing prizes!

How to participate

This contest is all about creativity. You can draw? - perfect then create a post showing your NextColony related artwork! You are a musician? - awesome! An outa space soundtrack is a legit entry as well! You love writing poems or creative stories? - we can't wait to read about your space exploration in Nextcolony!

For your post just use the #steemace tag as well as the #nextcolony tag to participate.


  • Make a creative NextColony post
  • Use #steemace and #nextcolony as tags
  • It must be your own work
  • Post the link of your post as a comment below
  • One entry per user
  • Allowed is everything creative that is accepted on the Creativecoin tribe page

Win awesome prizes!

The best entries can win great prizes such as Chests for the game NextColony and CCC Tokens for the community

In this round we are giving away:

  • 2 Imperium Chests (each 99 Steem)
  • 4 Huge Chests (each 49 Steem)
  • 1,000 CCC Tokens

To enter this contest you have time until next Sunday when the payout of our post is reached.

We are looking forward to all your creative posts!
(Don't forget to use the #creativecoin tag for your creative posts)

(Rewards of this post go 100% to except for GG tokens which will be burned)

Important links

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@steem-ace, Looking forward to it team and this sounds really exciting aspect. Keep up team.

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greetings, @steem-ace

I made a video for dtube with my drawing about NextColony Pathfinder heroes arriving with their ship on a new planet.

I hope you like it


If i am not out, becouse i won the latest ACE Contest.
Than i will be in this one too, again please.
My Hamster´s needs be a Part of every good Contest, they can get.
This time, they are not fluffy, they are hard like steel. ^^

@steem-ace, Kindly find my piece below.

Keep up the great work and keep bringing these kind of opportunities team.

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