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Hey guys, so recently I've found out about this app called Habitica, which uses gaming elements (primarily from the RPG category) to encourage you to live a more productive lifestyle. Basically, your real life becomes a game!

I found this so useful in how it made it easy to keep track of my tasks and things I wanted to do and achieve while making it fun, essentially gamifying my life. Productive activity level ups your character, gives you gold, exp and items just like an RPG, while unproductivity results in loss of health for your in game character.

To explain the app, basically it's like any other activity tracking app. It has a few categories. "To-Dos", "Habits" and "Dailies". With the "Dailies", you can create a routine you plan to do daily. "Habits" could be things you wanted to do often but can't find a way to incorporate into a regime, while "To-Dos" help you keep track of tasks you want to do. "Habits" could also be set to be positive or negative. For instance, "Sleep before 10pm" could be used. If you sleep before 10pm, press the plus sign and you will be rewarded. If you don't, press the minus and you'll lose some health. Of course, the inevitable shortcoming of this app is that it ultimately depends on your own integrity. "Dailies", if not completed by the end of the day also result in loss of health.

Anyways, I plan to update more about the app when I have the chance. I'm currently having lots of fun with it. I'm still trying to save up for a better PC so I can create my own gaming content but for now posts like this are the best I can do.

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A little about me:
Hey guys! My name is @retropetroleum. You may also know me @retropetrol as a sports writer or @retropetrolmusic.

I've always had a passion for gaming but never had time for it until recently. I hope to spend more time gaming and sharing my experience with you guys! I'm currently aiming for a humble gold rank in TFT and LoL. So if you're interested in having a chill, cozy time gaming, you can watch me live at, or watch me later on Youtube: or I may not have much content out now, but trust me soon I will!

I am streaming as a hobby, I still plan to try my best and take it very seriously :) I try to stream every Saturday and Sunday morning (I am currently still limited by temperamental hardware), 8am to 2pm Singapore time (8pm to 2am Washington DC) So do drop me a follow on Twitch if you want to stay updated :)

All earnings or donations of any form are welcome, but for now and the foreseeable future will only be spent on making your viewing experience a better one (not going to buy things like a new monitor for myself, but instead something like a better webcam or recording microphone). I do hope to get your support!

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